Album: No Name Face (2000)
Charted: 115


  • This song is probably about God. Religion is a big part of the band's life and music. Vocalist/guitarist Jason Wade and bass player Sergio Andrade's parents were all Christian missionaries. >>
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    Lauren - Stockton, CA
  • Lead singer Jason Wade said: "This is another love song that can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. The verses say: 'I'm finding my way back to sanity again,' so it's like trying really hard and then getting back to the place you started from. Then the bridge says, 'I don't want a thing from you / Bet you're tired of me waiting for the scarps to fall off of your table to the ground.' It's kind of like not wanting anything from anyone, not hanging on every word they say and just having faith you'll be able to 'be here now,' which is how the song ends." >>
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    Patti - Mahopac, NY
  • Lifehouse had a monster hit with their first single, "Hanging By a Moment," but had trouble returning to the Hot 100, in part because that song took up so much space on the airwaves (it was the #1 radio song of 2001 in America). The second single, "Sick Cycle Carousel," didn't reach the chart, and "Breathing" stalled at #115.

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  • Kate from Palm Springs, CaThis is a song about the love for God that is completely pure in every way. He knows that this is an awesome God that can't be touched by a mortal man so he's happy to be able to get "scraps" and to just be in close range of this awesome God to hear him breath. He knows that just to be that close is more than enough. My favorite song.
  • Annia Lou from Houston, TxHelloooooooo. This is definitely not a song directed to a girl. If you see the lyrics, it says "You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
    You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall." Okay, I don't think a girl has the power to calm a storm and furthermore hold a guy in her hands. However God is known to have the power to calm storms and he is our father so he is the one that holds him in his hands.
  • Hari from Bangalore, IndiaThis song to me represents unconditional love. I was in a relationship which ended because the girl felt that she had no feelings for me, and has moved on now.

    I'm not clingy, and I have no hopes of getting back. But I still love her, and every single time I listen to this song, I feel like telling her that I just want to sit outside her door and listen to her breathing because she is the most amazing human being ever to have walked this earth.
  • Jessa from Brampton, On, Canadabilly....joel? what? lol

    ps, i love this song!
  • Becky from Memphis, Tnthis song reminds me of dealing with death and missing the deceased one. i used this song to help cope with the loss of a loved one and it made so much sense to how i was feeling.
  • George from New Brunswick, NjHere's a "religious" connection. Check out Mark 7:24-30 from the Bible, where you'll find this:

    "but even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs."

    This is spoken by a woman (considered an outsider) in response to Jesus' probing about how much she was willing to do in order to have something normally reserved for insiders or people considered "worthy".

    What I understand about this passage and thus the song is this - God wants a type of relationship with ordinary people that are truly willing and actively praying, waiting and even asking in "challenging" faith for what he has to offer. God want's people that are willing to acknoledge that they are "calloused", a bit jaded, even frustrated but nonetheless willing to wait in faith for true acceptance.

    I bet any of us would be willing to wait for ages outside the door of someone we are crazy about. Just the sound of them breathing would keep you hanging on and waiting for when they finally would come out and accept our little ol' selves.
  • Loren from Wellington, New ZealandThis song is about giving up drugs, read the lyrics thinking that and it makes sense, but like most songs, it means different things to different people.
  • Hope from Florence, MtI really like this song, and I definitely think that it is religious. This is a cool music video too.
  • Ariana from Lima, Peruthe first time i listened 2 lifehouse was with this song..i didnt like it much at first but then i realized the lyrics were really great so i got a bit more interested in the band and i discovered u n me n bought the album "lifehouse" which i favourite line here is: let me feel 1 more time wut it feels like 2 feel.. it's so simple which makes it perfect, as usual
  • Shannon from Garland, Txyea its about god..duh. and its really kool how he relates it to where you partly think hes talkin about a girl..only hes not.
    and how could you DANCe to this song?? lol its kinda slow..
  • Liz from S Windsor, CtI love Billy Joel, the lyrics in this song are awesome, fun song to dance to!
  • Mariko from Churchville, Pai really think this is a love song, but it's the purest kind of love-- where you don't want anything from the other person, and you just want to be near them all the time. this song helps me decompress when i'm stressed out.
  • Silvia from Guatemala City, OtherI can say that this song is about the relationship with God, 'cause we can live a day and sometimes we forget to talk with Him, ahd He passes all day waiting for us to tell Him about us even when He knows everything about us.. and He waits until night for us, and we just go to bed and turn our backs to Him without telling HIM a word, but in spite this HE's always there sitting at heaven's door listen to us breathing and waiting for the next day so that we remember that HE's always there for us.
  • Keaton from Cleveland, United Statesit is about a relationship with god. Hanging on every word you say. even if you don't speak tonigh that's alright. He even says fall back into the arms of grace. Thjis is all religous
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