Lil' Romeo

Lil' Romeo Artistfacts

  • August 19,1989
  • His real name is Percy Romeo Miller. His father is Master P (Percy Miller Sr.).
  • He started rapping when he was 4 years old using a Karaoke machine.
  • He opened for 'N Sync on their 2001 tour.
  • He rapped the intros to some of his dad's songs.
  • In 2007, he signed a letter of intent to play basketball at USC.

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  • Quintera from Clumbia, United StatesYOU IS SO SEXY AND FINE
  • Sarah from St.albans, Englandhey ma namez sarah x jus writin herrrr ta let ya no u gt ppl dat fink ya gorgous lol x i would love ta meet you but since ya famous n stuff n seein ya on tele it feels imposible lolx anyways if ya ever found the time to just meet a new person (me) lol x jus give me a holla x berrrr love sxc x i fink we gota lot in comun so fink bout it x
  • Kim from Toldeo, Ohhey dis is me again me friends say wat up u know k bye ma nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kim from Toldeo, Ohhey dis is kim i would lyke 2 meet u one day so i will holla a little later

    P.S I hope u type me back bye bye
  • Calvin from Down Town Minneapolis, Mnromeo I'm also one of your fans to i realy think your cool i love yor song i dont need a girl friend it so cool by the way how long have you played basketball?
  • Ruqayya from Northampton England, United StatesLil romeo u r da best teen rapper eva u haters dont know a thang bet u cant rap anyway
  • Lil Romeo Lover from London, Englandhi lil romeo can u fuvk me
  • Kesarae from Edmonton, CanadaLil Rome you are soo hawt i love your muzik !!!!!!
  • Morgan from Gold Coast, Australialil roemo is so hot right now i love all his songs and lil bow wows song hold you down is the best song in the hole world
  • Alfonso Soriano from Arlington, Txhello everybody this is alfonso soriano im in this house hows it going romeo. i am a big fan of your music and i think you and your father should come down to arlington texas and watch one of my baseball games or maybe do a performance. pce1
  • Amanda from Wichita, KsHi Romeo! I think you're very cute! I like your music a lot! I even watch your show "Romeo" on Teen Nick. You're show is really good! I heard your new show is good also "The Team." I'm also a big Los Angeles Lakers fan! I'm happy they re-hired Phil Jackson! And hopefully the Lakers make the playoff! I love to play basketball! I think you're cute because you have that smile which I can't explain. Also you keep in shape, athletic, cute, and smart. It would be so nice to get to know you more. I'm a dancer so I also keep in shape. I do hip hop and pom! You may think this is dumb I like to laugh a lot! Bye for now!
  • Jizanne from Caribbean, Otheryeah romeo is hot and all and i like the fact that we share a horoscope but i really don't listen to his songs. he has a sexy more mature voice now and he should probably change his lyrics to suit. sometimes i wonder what the hell is he singin' about but i forget it and look at his abs!
  • Danyale from Marysville, CaLil romeo is my inspiration he showed me that you can be any one or anyhthing you want to be don't let critics or what people think of you down the skys the limit it seems like for him everyday he gets bigger and bigger you see all these girls going on his website just to post how cute he is when you don't judge a book by its cover he could be so cute but not your type I bet he has a seperate life behind his music and his t.v shows so if I ever met lil romeo I would get know him not hit on him he is my inspiration when he came out he showed me don't let your age or anything get you down be all you can and I love him for showing me that
  • Erik from Somers, NyHave any of you ever listened to real rap? Maybe Nas? Jay-Z? Biggie? Tupac?

    I wouldn't call Lil' Romeo a real rapper. What does he rap about? Nothing that anyone cares about. Rap's about the lyrics...that's why Illmatic is the best rap CD ever.
  • Tracy from Hollywood, FlLiL Romeo i'm your number one fan and i have all your CDS and if i could not pay for them i save my money for a whole 4 months and i love you with all my heart and if you stop singing i would die of a heartattack.
  • Jakaira from Houston, TxI think romeo is sooo cute, i would love 2 one day 2 meet him in person. and i would love 2 hang out with him. he seems very nice!!!!!
  • Tatiana from Baltimore, MdRomeo is the most sexiest thing in the music business.When I become a singer I would like to go out on a date wit him anytime.He seems like a nice person on his tv show" Romeo".
  • Davisa from Lauderhill, FlLil romeo is so fine to me but i just want to be friends with him. My dream is one day that I hope to meet him. Also, take a picture with him. I hope I remeber tp bring a camera!!!!!
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