Album: Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water (2000)
Charted: 18
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  • This song is about the frustration and confusion that comes along with being left by someone you love... essentially about being played. >>
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    D.H. - Lima, OH
  • "Boiler" was the last single from Limp Bizkit's third album, Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water, issued in late 2001 about a year after the album came out. It was chosen by fans in a poll on

    By this time, the nu metal movement was abating, as was the band's popularity. The song was a minor hit in parts of Europe and got some attention on Modern Rock radio in the US, but there was no way the band could keep up the momentum from 1999, when their album Significant Other propelled them to stardom.

    Guitarist Wes Borland left the band in 2001, and their next album, Results May Vary, didn't do nearly as well as their previous two.
  • Dave Meyers and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst shot the video in Lisbon, Portugal, while the band was on tour in Europe. Durst directed most of the band's videos himself but sometimes teamed with more experienced film-makers. Meyers was known for his videos for Missy Elliott ("Get Ur Freak On" and Dave Matthews "The Space Between"). The "Boiler" video is heavy on special effects and has an animation sequence.

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  • Franklin Jenkins from New York"Rik Riley from New Castle"
    Neither of us know for sure what is said (and I have looked for official lyrics that include this part but can't find them) - but I haven't found anywhere that has the lyrics as "interlude" (though I have had 3 other people comment they thought it was interlude, so I'm not saying you're alone). But please keep in mind man that I didn't post those lyrics, so if you think they're wrong, go edit them somewhere and see if it takes. Also, an interlude on every album I can think of, is it's own track, but this isn't, so would 'interlude' even make sense? Last thing - if what we are experiencing, is in fact, an interlude, then why do we need to think back on everything we just heard? Wouldn't that get annoying to hear for the 300th time if you owned the album? I mean the first time being told you probably missed what they are trying to say might be okay I guess - but eventually I'm gonna be like "FU song, if you're so smart how come you're trapped in a CD?". Seriously though, if you find out for certain then please let me know - but if you don't know for certain, please don't do what you did below, because you're just killing something that for all you know may be right, and that doesn't help us at all.
  • Rik Riley from New Castle"Franklin Jenkins from New York"
    Your "inner lie" is, in fact the word, interlude. "What you are experiencing, is, in fact, an interlude. I'd like you to sit back and listen to everything you've just heard." He made many interludes on many albums and a lot of quote "secret tracks" but here, he's straight up just getting high with Ben stiller all album which is touched upon again in the outro. What you implied makes me think you're higher than the whole lot. Is your head a limp bizkit mate??
  • Jd from Aberdeen "A.w. from Wichita, Ks
    this song came out before linkin park was around"

    Not true
  • Franklin Jenkins from New YorkAs much as I Love the song (and I do), if you aren't listening to the album version and therefore don't hear what is said after the song, I believe you are missing the actual message, which is to me is one of the keys to the secret of Life and of Wisdom. The dialogue after the song goes like this:

    "Ladies and gentlemen, what you are experiencin' is in fact
    An innerlieman (Inner Lie Man)
    I would like you to kick back
    And think about everything you've...just...heard"

    Just how I take that to mean, especially based on my own journey, is that all that Blame and Anger and Certainty that the other person is the Problem and we are faultless - that is the work of THE INNER LIE MAN. Meaning that voice inside that twists and corrupts without our knowledge, seeing with blinders on only from our perspective, and totally blind to what's really happening. So the suggestion is to now kick back and think about all the ways you related to that voice, that attitude, think about all the times you've been that voice, and now think maybe you were not the victim so much and maybe you were also (or entirely) the jerk). Maybe you owe someone an apology. Maybe anytime fault feels that one sided it is almost a dead giveaway you are not seeing your own part.

    To me this wasn't a song of whining or of anger at someone, this was a song to help TEACH and HEAL the listener. It was to TEACH that the way this person sounds is not Truth, it was the work of the Inner Lie Man - who tells us we are the victim and blameless, who makes us indignant, and who keeps us from seeing our part in things.

    This is an example unfortunately why people called Mr. Durst "Whiny", because they were not tuned in enough to understand what they were hearing. It's really such a huge shame, and the poor guy, it must have almost killed him to be so unfairly accused and misunderstood. The guy sees. The guy is wide awake and he sees. Much Love to him.

  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThese lyrics are all wrong. And saying that they are one of the most origianl bands in the history of rock music is a horrific misconception. I could name at least 20 bands that were doing the rap-rock thing before the Bizkit. I'm not a Bizkit hater though, just saying. Check out their lastest album. Fred actually has some decent rhymes for a change. ha!
  • Jarod from Las Vegas, NvWomen can be the most horrible and abusive creatures on the face of the planet. When a woman is used to being treated like crap, she becomes a bloodthirsty monster, seeking a decent man to get her revenge on.
    She will insult, berate, cheat on, and strike him.

    This song is speaking of the raw and unadulterated rage of that decent man who treated that horrible woman so good... but she turned on him, all the same, simply because she'd been hurt, in the past.

    Don't anyone go trying to tell me I'm wrong... because you all know I'm right.
    It's time to find a nice girl that has lived a decent, happy life. Forget the "fixer-uppers" and the "damsels in distress"... no good deed goes unpunished.
  • Corey from Richmond, VaGreat song. Wish my ex-girlfriend would listen to this song. Why did I have to go and meet somebody like you? Why do you have to go and hurt somebody like me? How could you do somebody like that.
  • A.w. from Wichita, Ksthis song came out before linkin park was around
  • Kane from Wytheville, VaWORD UP to that song
  • Anthony from North Cape May, NjThe intro for this song sounds just like the intro to krwlng for Linkin Park, odd.. Great song nevertheless though
  • Stefan from Stara Pazova, YugoslaviaOne of the greatest songs played by one of the most original bands in the history of rock music...maximum respect!!!
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --The opening of the song's guitar intro is played on a violin bow.
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