Shut Me Up

Album: single release only (2014)


  • In this song, Lindsay Ell lets a guy know that she caught him cheating, and that he's not going to get away with it. She's very adamant on one point: he won't be able to silence her:

    I'm a siren that you can't unplug
    No you can’t shut me up

    A Berklee-trained songwriter from Canada, Ell had moved to Nashville when she wrote this song. In her Songfacts interview, she explained: "As a female songwriter I walk that line between not being too abrasive, but still being strong as a girl, and not being too victim, but kind of morphing all those wheels together."
  • Lindsay Ell's guitar heroes include people like Buddy Guy and John Mayer, but in terms of attitude and lyrics, Shania Twain is a big influence. Ell cites Twain's song "Any Man Of Mine" as an example of a confident lyric that explains how she expects to be treated - something that is apparent in "Shut Me Up."


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