Linkin Park

Mike ShinodaVocals (rapper)1996-
Brad DelsonGuitar1996-
Rob BourdonDrums1996-
Joseph HahnDJ1996-
Chester BenningtonVocals1999-2017
Mark WakefieldVocals1996-1998
  • They started out as Xero with Mike, Rob, Brad, Joe, and Phoenix, but then they changed it after Chester joined to Hybrid Theory. They got into a minor legal dispute about their name with another band, so they changed to Lincoln Park, and then they changed the spelling so they could afford their own website. They used Hybrid Theory as the title to their first album. >>
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  • Many states have a Lincoln Park. This led many people to believe they were a local band when they toured in these areas. They are named after the Lincoln Park in their hometown of Santa Monica, California.
  • Warner Brothers rejected the band 3 times before they finally signed them.
  • They don't swear in most of their songs. They feel there are better ways to get their message across.
  • Delson wears headphones when he plays to protect his hearing.
  • Mike Shinoda has a solo project called Fort Minor. The name indicates that the music comes from multiple guest artists in addition to Shinoda. >>
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  • Shinoda is a distant relative of the Russian composer Tchaikovsky. >>
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  • In 2002, they started Projekt Revolution, which is a tour made up of diverse acts like Cypress Hill, Mudvayne, KoRn, Snoop Dogg and Chris Cornell. The tour ran annually until 2004, and started up again in 2007. >>
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  • Phoenix's real name is David Farrell. He chose the nickname for himself while playing in his first band in high school, the Christian rock and ska group Tasty Snax, and it stuck. He even has two phoenix tattoos on his back. >>
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Comments: 35

  • River from Gloucester, VaWhoever shadow is I love their comment.
    Everyone, it's time to take a stand and fight back.
    Start a band, start a petition, fight the haters, fight the racism, stand up and Fight!!!
    Just like Chester and Mike do!
    Just like Linkin Park!
  • Jigar from Mumbai, IndiaI am a LP fan... Unlike other bands LP have a variety of music... Hard rock, Soft everything.. Each song is different... Faint, Little things give you away, Numb every song is different.. they can produce any type of music.. They have a message in every song... THEY ALSO HAVE A MESSAGE FOR THEIR HATERS IN THE SONG "WHEN THEY COME FOR ME" LIKE "TRY TO CATCH UP MOTHER f--kER"
    They have a unique combination of Rap n Rock with Mike n Chester... This cant be seen in any other band... Chester's scream isnt like other vocalists.. One can feel the pain in his voice.. If they dont make songs for love and romance doesnt mean that they are rude... They show the ugly side of humans n what we feel if we pass through such phases of life....
    So haters- "Shut Up When I am talking to you...!!!"
    LP ROCKS...!!!!!
  • Shadow from Depression, Vacome on people!!! give these bands a try (specially LED ZEPPELIN), I promise you won`t regret it. download a couple of their songs. I bet that when you listen to classic rock bands (and i don`t mean guns n roses, or bands like that) you will look back and realize that LINKIN PARK AIN`T that great. Ps. i apologize if I offended anyone when I said that they are crap, they could be entairtaining, but they are not as amzing as you could think. stop listening to what MTV rells you yo listen to -jose, guanacaste, South America

    Is that so, Jose? Well, then you should just GTFO OF THIS BAND'S BOARD AND GO COMMENT ON THE BOARDS OF BANDS YOU LIKE. And let me tell you now that CLASSIC ROCK AIN'T THAT GREAT so keep your d*mn mouth shut.
    God, I'm so SICK of people going on the boards of bands they don't like and trashing them, right to their fan's faces. It's disrespectful to do that when there are fans who love this band commenting. You don't like (enter band or artist name here). So what? I don't like a lot of bands/artists, but I'm not about to go on their boards and trash them right to the fans. Look up bands/artists you LIKE and comment positive things. That will save a lot of arguing and anger if you do THAT instead of trashing.
    Linkin Park is my favorite band. I love them to death, and their song "The Catalyst" is my favorite song in the world.
    Don't like it?
    Look up ANOTHER song.
  • Dave from Van Wert, OhWhat most of you don't know is that the front man Chester Bennington, was in a band called Grey Daze before he was in Linkin Park. The reason Linkin Park is such a success is because of Chester. If you really want to hear the real Chester listen to some of his earlier work. The songs he sings with Linkin Park cant touch it. Go to and type in Grey Daze and listen to the song saturation or learning to fly. As for the swearing they did alot of it in Hands Held High. The band Dead by Sunrise is also one of Chesters side projects.
    Chester is the one who really made Linkin Park the success that they are today. Mike Shinoda is good but he needs the help of Chester to make him what he is.
  • Keyondra Brooks from Atlanta, GaYea they curse in given up...duh
  • Franco from Los Angeles, Cagenius band, also, anybody (who unfortunately truly knows linkin park) ever noticed that session is actually the intro to part of me (hybrid theory ep)
  • Franco from Los Angeles, Calinkin park is a genius band, unfortunately i know well for the wrong reasons, this is for you iceland, if you know and feel like i know, really listen to meteora from beginning to end and realize how well each track leads up to the next, and how the motions of each track hold hand in hand, then nobody's listening, except for us, then numb, really pay attention, and you'll see. you and i hate iceland, but us and the band know what it is, listen, and take care
  • Its Not Important from You Dont Need To Know, IcelandPeople are entitled to their own opinions but please, if you dont like this band, fine, but dont try to convince others to not like them anymore and start listenting to "real music" cuz in reality, there is no real music or a real way songs are supposed to sound. If you like this band, great, if you dont, go comment on bands you do like and stop putting down this incredible band. They have been through some rough times and they are brave enough to tell everyone about those times. They are also trying to tell everyone going through rough times that they are not alone.
  • Jose from Guanacaste, South Americacome on people!!! give these bands a try (specially LED ZEPPELIN), I promise you won`t regret it. download a couple of their songs. I bet that when you listen to classic rock bands (and i don`t mean guns n roses, or bands like that) you will look back and realize that LINKIN PARK AIN`T that great. Ps. i apologize if I offended anyone when I said that they are crap, they could be entairtaining, but they are not as amzing as you could think. stop listening to what MTV rells you yo listen to
  • Its Not Important from You Dont Need To Know, IcelandI love linkin park. This is an amazing band, in my opinion, others think differently but thats not the point.
  • Jules from Bisbane, AustraliaI am doing lp for an assignment and just through studying all the songs and looking at the social issues i think that linkin park tends to wollow in self pitty a little. im not trying to get up anyones goat but i just dont see how they could be helping the problems. i know they say how it is and thats cool but they arent exactly inspirational. not to me anyway but it could just be because i dont have any problems with drug addiction or anything.
  • Tristan from Omaha, Neif you havent heard them already you should listen to fort minor cuase it has mike and it is awsome
  • Nicole Temple from Cincinnati, CtBreaking the habit has to do with Chester's abuse to drugs (cocaine and crystal meth) and Chester cant sing it live anymore b/c he breaks down and cries. Linkin Park is an awesome band, and they know how to make a songs with meanings!
  • Mark from None, EnglandJoe Hahn's split personality is called Remy, just for the record. Grey Daze had two albums: No Sun Today and Wake Me. I thought Kyle Christner (not 100% about last name) did bass for all of Hybrid Theory?
  • Brian from Plantation, FlLinkin Park got their name from one of the many Lincoln Parks in the US. Chester randomly came up with the idea to misspell it because it sounded cool and because they wanted, and it stuck. Meteora is some kind of group of rocks in Europe, and they found some really weird symbolism; check out their interviews on for more on those two. Oh, and Papercut is indeed about schizophrenia.
  • Jaime Lee from Mid Glamorgan, WalesI think LP should sing what they want, whether they swear or not. Instead of just saying stuff like "I can't take this sh*t" they look beyond it, what are they actually talking about so we can connect even better to the songs. And they are not all this i want to die, die crap. They, if anything, are positive. They don't say "oh look at this crap we've been through, everyone go feel sorry for yourself" they say "We've been through it to, but it gets better, you're not alone"
    If you don't like LP don't simply say they suck *which i can't believe* say WHY and give reasonable examples. I know not everyone likes them, but thats probably because they look at the lyrics and just don't understand the meaning. Really, all of their songs have more then one meaning, LP made them so that anyone can relate, not just people in a certain situation. And that thing about "deciding what they are" as in singers or rappers. Thier Linkin Park for god's sake, if they just done the same thing over and over they'd find it boring. LP ROCK and NONE can change my mind on that.
  • Jaime Lee from Mid Glamorgan, WalesI think LP should sing what they want, whether they swear or not. Instead of just saying stuff like "I can't take this sh*t" they look beyond it, what are they actually talking about so we can connect even better to the songs. And they are
  • Joey from Manila, United Statesi don't know why they keep rocking us? but their songs crawls beyond my ears... just imagining!
  • Mujah The Great.... from Rome', the biggest Linkin Park fan around...ehenyma anga nuthalhaa maithiri vegen thi enmehaa moyain hurey...
  • Rylan from Spirit Lake, IaThe bass guitar on the songs papercut, a place for my head, and forgotten were from Ian Hornbeck. He was the bassist while phoenix was out of the band for a year.

    Chester literally makes himself sick singing, its something in his body that makes him get sick when he sings.

    Chester's first band was called Grey Daze...They released one album, you can find it on ebay for like 100 dollars.
  • Ole from Courtenay, Canadathe name comes from when they exhumed deceased
    president Lincolns body 17 different times in the late 1800s and early 1900s
  • Jeffrey from Odessa, TxAll the other bands are cool, but none compare to the beauty of linkin parks lyrics and self inhabited talents that they have. I also heard that brad wears the headphones because he says it sends him into the matrix.
  • Farrah from Bucyrus, OhI dont mean to make anyone anger but I like songs like one step closer but these guys are starten to sound more like rappers with each song the come up with. they need to choose what they want to be
  • Carissa from New Jerwsey, FlI think Linkin park is a good band, It seems to me they are going a little soft. I think they should keep their songs along the lines of "crawling" and " one step closer". I think Chester looks really hott with Blonde spiky hair. I also think he did a good job for the queen of the damed song "system". I love that song. I think the Queen of the Damed soundtract is GREAT, there should be more music like that! Also Chester would be better ofF solo, But i do love LP!
  • Chaos13 from Unknown, AlI think a Linkin Park member is skitzophrenic becuase I'm skitzophrenic and alot of songs such as crawling or papercut seem to relate to the emotions of a skitzophrenic which usually include confusion, loss of self control, disassociation, and depression.I love linkin park becuase i can relate to the songs and sometimes if get the songs loud anough the voices will go away.
  • Justin from Ptown, InWe're too die hard for you to mess up with the facts. Linkin Park fans are like Nsync and Backstreet fans combined... times ten.
  • Naw. from H..ern, VaLinkin Park/Jay Z is a pretty good CD I wanna buy it but i am Broke. Anyways, there song from Xero Stick n' move was pretty good they should realse it! LP Rules.
  • Brian from Plantation, FlLinkin Park, as Linkin Park, has no swearing in their songs. They have three swear words on Hybrid Theory EP, all of the songs on which were made prior to the band becoming Linkin Park. Chester had some swearing in System, but that was not Linkin Park and was definately not a solo career, but rather just something he sang for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Like Chaos, I wasn't really into music until I heard Linkin Park; I now have a growing library of Rock/Alternative songs. Had I not heard LP, I might have lived a life without music.
  • Kelly from Hybridgirl_kelly, Lai've never heard Linkin Park swear in a song, except for High Voltage. and that's all. i know that Chester swear in "System" but that isn't a 'Linkin Park' song.
  • Abby from Bucyrus, Ohsomeone asked what meteora means. it's a large rock structure thing in greece i believe. Correct me if i'm wrong. But the title of the album isn't after the structure's the feeling the band got when they saw it.
  • Chaos from Mocksville, NcI wasnt pleased with any music until I heard Linkin Park. If it wasnt for them, I proboly would have never cared about music at all, not unlike the average small child. The have influnced me to get into Korn and dream theatre.
    They were also my influence to start my own band
    'noever' which follows Lp's sound and I imitate Chesters Awesome singing prowless.(which took hella pratice!)
  • Linda from Philadelphia, PaI think their lyrics are cut-n-dry, very easy to understand most of the time, yet they still have an awesome creative style to they way they express their words. I just don't know how the frontman Chester can keep on screaming as he does without destroying his vocal chords? Another cool thing...the street I was born and raised on in Philadelphia is Chester's last name.....Bennington Street. Take it Lite, Linda
  • Nick from Paramus, NjI heard Joseph Hahn has a split-personality.
  • Cody Baldwin from Northbridge, MaLinkin Park is inspired by landmarks and future things... such as "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora". Linkin park has also only swore 3 times in songs except for the cameo ones...they usually swore alot there but for personal reasons decide not to swear as a band
  • Matt from Holland, MiAcutally the song System was a song written by KoRn frontman Jon Davis for the Queen of the Damed soundtrack. Due to contractual obligations, Davis wasn't allowed to actually sing the songs he wrote. So instead he enlisted others to sing in his place, such as Marilyn Manson, David Dramain (Disturbed), and Bennington.
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