She's Falling Apart

Album: Cake And Pie (2002)


  • This song deals with anorexia. Loeb wrote it with Nashville songwriter Thom Schuyler in a French castle owned by record executive Miles Copeland. According to Loeb, Schuyler had the idea for the song: "He had somebody in his life who had anorexia, and he wanted to write a song about that. I thought that was a great topic, food disorders and eating issues, and depressed teenagers are a near and dear topic to me. And I thought that it would be really interesting to write a song like that."
  • The line, "She looks at her arms and she rolls down her sleeves" led some listeners to believe the girl in the song was also a cutter, but Loeb says this is not the case: "Her arms are too thin. Like, that's anorexia. People hear it and they think, Oh she must be on drugs, or something. But you still get the right feeling from the song, because those are all issues that are secret and hidden and difficult for families to deal with. They don't know what to do and when to take care of them." (Check out our interview with Lisa Loeb.)


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