All The Way Down

Album: The Reason Why (2010)


  • All four members of Little Big Town contribute to the songwriting process and are credited on the tracks, often along with their producer, Wayne Kirkpatrick. "All The Way Down" was the brainchild of band member Phillip Sweet, who told us: "We were writing one day over at Wayne's studio and just being creative and the song came to mind. The song we were trying to write just wasn't hitting us or something. So I had a lull in the thought process and I had this idea. And I grabbed the guitar and I said, 'Hang on, I'll be back.' And I went out into another room and just sang this melody into my phone. And I had, 'Going down, down, all the way down.' Just had that idea, just felt like a good, easy-feeling slow song. And I came back into the room and it was like, 'Hey, what do you all think about this?' And they lit up. And it came out really fast in that afternoon.

    So we stopped what we were doing on one song, I came in with this idea, and we started working on 'All The Way Down' and just fell in love with it. It was one of our favorite ones we wrote towards the end. And it's still in that same kind of vibe of 'The Reason Why,' because we had written them really close to each other as far as the emotional context, of falling in love and being in love and how good that is.

    We tend to write dark and moody songs, and this (The Reason Why) is our chance to just be lighthearted and feel good, and we love that. That's a side of us, too. That's who we are. There's just a real deep well of emotional content we can go and explore, because there's four of us and we're all human and we're not always in the same place in our lives. But it just so happens that we're all sharing this feel-good journey moment along this journey together. It's just been really cool." (See our full Phillip Sweet interview.)


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