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  • Little Big Town close their fifth studio album, Tornado, with this chilling track which the quartet wrote with Nashville songwriter Natalie Hemby. It is one of five writing credits that Hemby has on the record.
  • LBT's Karen Fairchild recalled the writing of the song to The Boot: "The title was Natalie's. It was the first day we had ever written with her and she came in with guns loaded, with lots of ideas. It was really very flattering because she had listened to all the band's records and she knew the history so much that she said, 'I want to write something with you guys that you've never written before. A style that you've never written before.' So we were like, 'Let's do it!' We love creative exercises like that, exploring new avenues. So the call-and-answer between the two duets of Kimberly and I and the guys is kind of an Everly Brothers homage. It was something that we had never done."
  • The cooing chorus was achieved by the band singing into an echo chamber. Phillip Sweet recalled: "At the studio, there's a little hole in the wall that you go through to the chamber, where there are microphones set up to catch the echo. We all got inside to sing the 'who-o-oohs.'"

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  • Jake from High Island, TxThis was not my favorite song on the album Tornado. I skipped it often (Sorry). One morning I listened to a bit of it and it reminded me of a song I had heard years drove me nuts. I asked my wife and she felt the same. It was an old song done by LBT. Well, we all know THAT is not the case. I love this song, lyrics, music..the whole thing. I can't get it out of my mind. When I met my bride of 39 years I traveled every week...this song hits home for us. Thanks for doing it.
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