Klapp Klapp

Album: Nabuma Rubberband (2014)


  • The lead single from Little Dragon's Nabuma Rubberband album finds Yukimi Nagano singing self-empowering lyrics over layers of meandering synths. "Klapp Klapp is inner turmoil, a power track," Nagano told NME. "Singing it makes me have superhero vibes – transforming yourself. Dealing with all the BS inside of you and transforming it into this super-person."
  • Nagano said to The Sun of this musty bass synth number: "Musically, that was a track that felt different. It had this energy with the drum and the bass, and was a challenge to write lyrics for."
  • Nagano told The Sun that she feels the zombie–themed video adds something to the song. "I would never have thought of that type of film," she said,"but it works because it's so different."


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