Lakini's Juice
by Live

Album: Secret Samadhi (1997)
Charted: 29
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  • This is about the darker side of love - obsession. The lyrics have a very dark undertone to them, and they seem to speak of how, as humans, we have certain wants and needs that, sometimes in order to fulfill, we will go directly against what we have been taught. That's why in the video, there is a person shaping a piece of wet chalk type stuff. The chalk represents lard, which represents our human urges. It's like when you know what you're doing is wrong, but the urge is so great that you do it anyway. If this song is autobiographical, he's most likely talking about some sexual experience that he feels guilty about.
  • Lakini is the Hindu goddess of destruction. This relates to the video's odd depiction of lard... a symbol of overindulgence. >>
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    Live Freak - Beirut, Lebanon, for above 2
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Comments: 6

  • Char from Here, IlI love this song. The meaning's a little scary, though.

    With love,

  • Jayson from Herenesate, MsYes, this title explains itself. Lakini likes to drink his own juice, plain and simple. He is the sickest kind of pervert, but there you have it. You all listen to a song about a guy drinking his own "juice".
  • Natasha from London, EnglandI just wanted to say happy Canada day to Steph in Ottawa
  • Ashley from Perth, WaThis song rocks as much as nirvana
    i think its message is very strong. When i saw the vidoe 4 it i just throught that LIVE ROCKS so much and the lyrics of the song are very powerful in all of the songs and not always throught less like most modern music is.
  • Charles from Sydney, AustraliaThis is the hardest song of all time. Very unforgiving and touch with the raw gnuitar at the end to promote he rawness
  • Addum from Williamsport, Md"let me ride" and "burn my eyes" to me are just like. "LET ME GO!!" "IM SORRY JUST GET AWAY!!" or something like that, I can feel anger towards the end.
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