Pillar Of Davidson
by Live

Album: Throwing Copper (1994)
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  • At a concert on December 18, 1999, lead singer Ed Kowalczyk said: "It's a song that that you can sing, and maybe feel a little bit less lonely." >>
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    Jackie - Virginia Beach, VA
  • This song is about the plight of poorly compensated factory workers who are treated like machines that only exist to make money. The band grew up in York, Pennsylvania, a working-class town which is home to the Harley Davidson motorcycle factory and other industrial plants that provided inspiration for the song. Kowalczyk credits the band for helping him escape a similar fate.

    "Most of the kids in our situation don't get fair shots because of the sheltered quality of life in a small town like York," he told The Washington Post in 1995. "Thank God for this band, because it was our ticket to see the world."

    York is also the subject of another unflattering ode on the album: "Sh-t Towne."
  • In 1997, an Australian radio interviewer asked Kowalczyk if Michael Stipe of R.E.M. sang backing vocals at the end of the song. He replied, "No, that's just me trying as hard as I can to sound like Michael Stipe!"
  • The band's most successful album, Throwing Copper sold 8 million copies in America, where it took 52 weeks to climb to the top of the albums chart.

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  • Angst from MilkwaukeeNot for nothing, But HD's home is Milwaukee, Wisc. Almost everyone knows that. Maybe "which is ONE OF THE FACTORIES to the Harley Davidson motorcycle factory. Details matter, otherwise its just "legend has it". :/
  • Jackie from Virginia BeachThere are missing lyrics, as there is a longer version of the song on the album, with the title finally coming up (also my favorite, musically uplifting part of the song, as is continues the crescendo like "opening up" of the music.
    [Background Lyrics:]
    here I am locking horns with the stallion
    failing to hold my head up, I'll go back again
    pillar of davidson feeling to hard to go down
    cheaper than all the souls he will walk upon
    deeper and deeper in love so I hold my head up
    cheaper than all the souls he will walk upon
    pillar of davidson feeling to hard to go down
  • LbThe “Shepherd of his days” is Christ
  • Harry from Hastings, EnglandWill from Burton, I was there too and remember this! Ed said he had “telepathic s--t” in his head and he’d find out who did it. I’ve always wondered if that was true, looks like it wasn’t! His reaction spoiled the gig, shame really.
  • Jason from Huntingdon, PaEd Kowalczyk of Live has said that this song is about the factory workers in York, PA (Live's hometown), who slave away for barely enough money to survive.

    As for the title, "Pillar of Davidson", I lived in York for three years and can personally attest to the fact that there is a Caterpillar (construction equipment) factory and a Harley-Davidson factory located next to one another, because I drove past them every day on my way to and from school/work.

    I dated a girl whose uncle worked at the Harley plant, and now every time I listen to this song I think of him.
  • Andrew from 55744You know he doesn't read negligence.
  • Jeff from Bethesda, MdI have a feeling Ed Kowalczyk is not reading this.
  • Will from Burton On Trent, EnglandLove this song. But I am still trying to find out the meaning in the lyrics. By the way, Ed Kowalczyk, if you are reading this, I'm the one who lobed a bit of mud at you at the 97 Glastonbury festival. I was young and thought it was a laugh after everyone did it to Symposium before you guys came on. I appologise if I caused any offence. Just so you know, I sometimes listern to this song on my MP3 before I go to bed after I have had a bad day and it makes me feel alot better.
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