Time's Up

Album: Time's Up (1990)


  • Long before climate change became a hot-button political issue, Living Colour released this apocalyptic song about the consequences of environmental destruction. "It just seemed very bleak," lead singer Corey Glover said in his Songfacts interview. "Like we didn't have much more time to really fix these things, that we needed to look at the world that we live in. That if we are the stewards of this world, we're not doing a very good job."
  • Guitarist Vernon Reid is the primary songwriter in Living Colour, but all members contribute. This one is a group composition, credited to Reid, Muzz Skillings, Corey Glover and Will Calhoun.
  • This was the title track to the second Living Colour album. It didn't sell nearly as well as their debut Vivid (and didn't contain any radio hits), but was applauded by critics and awarded a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Living Colour won the same award the previous year for "Cult of Personality."


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