Any Girl

Album: The Hunger for More Pt. 2 (2010)
  • This is the second single from American rapper and G-Unit member Lloyd Banks' third solo studio album, The Hunger for More Pt. 2. The song features R&B singer Lloyd and was produced by Dready.
  • The song was initially titled "Got 'Em Like" and the hook was originally sung by Banks himself.
  • Lloyd commented to that the rivalry between G-Unit, which Lloyd Banks is signed to, and Murder Inc., his former label, was not an issue. "There was no hesitation on my part because we never had direct issues," the R&B crooner said. "We met for the first time in the studio and everything just clicked. It felt like it was our 10th song together."
  • Banks told MTV News how the collaboration with Lloyd came together. "He flew into New York [and] knocked out the record in like 15, 20 minutes," the MC revealed. He added: "His work ethic is incredible. He was actually independent at the time so it was no restraints. It was like, 'Let's go!'"
  • The song's music video features both the Lloyds and fellow G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo also makes a cameo appearance. Banks told MTV News that the clip was inspired by the '90s comedy How to Be a Player. It shows the ladies man MC trying to juggle his many women. "I'm running through my day-to-day going to see a few of my girls. I got a white girl, I got [a] Spanish girl, a black girl and I'm going to basically lie to them and tell them how much I love them and how much I want to see them," he explained.
    Yayo added that even though the visuals are inspired by the movie, Banks has plenty of personal experience to pull from. "Banks is a player for real," said Yayo. "It's really his real life story."


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