Local H

Scott LucasVocals, guitar
Joe DanielsDrums1995-1998
Brian St. Clair Drums2002-
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  • Local H started with Scott Lucas playing guitar and singing, with Joe Daniels doing the drumming. When Daniels left the duo in 1998 after Local H's label was merged into a larger company and lost their deal with Local H, the band was put on a 3 year hiatus by Lucas. The band started up again in 2002 with Brian St. Clair as the drummer.
  • Nirvana is one of Lucas' biggest influences, and the music of Local H reflects that. Lucas' lyrics are filled with anger and angst, much like those of Kurt Cobain's.
  • As a result of being a two-member band, Local H has no bass player, although Lucas has a bass pickup in his guitar that picks up the bottom two strings and goes out into a bass amp, which allows him to play bass when the situation arises. >>
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  • Grant from Mpls, Mnyeah actually they started out with a bass play also. his name is Matt Garcia
  • Bob from Hayes, VaJust for the record, Joe Daniels left in 1999, and Brian St. Clair joined in 1999 as well. Also, it is "All The Kids ARE Right".
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