Better Off Dead

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  • This is a track from Weapons, the fifth studio album by Welsh alternative rock band Lostprophets, their first release with drummer Luke Johnson. The song was made available as a free download from the band's Facebook page as of January 6, 2012.
  • The song sees vocalist Ian Watkins getting things off his chest. Keyboardist Jamie Oliver told Kerrang! magazine: "The lyrics deal with current events, which in 2011 - what with the riots and the uprising in the Middle East - were things that no-one could ignore."
  • Weapons was the first Lostprophets record to feature Luke Johnson on drums, following the band's two previous drummers Mike Chiplin and Ilan Rubin. Watkins penned this song with Johnson and the singer told Kerrang! magazine: "This started off as an idea that Luke had, I had the chorus and the melody, and we came up with this cool verse. The only thing we could think to do was this urgent, not-quite-rapping delivery. We toyed with the idea of getting someone else to do it, but then one day I just have it a go."
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