All In A Family

Album: Older Than My Old Man Now (2012)
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  • The Wainwright clan has been spilling their guts through music for years, and it's as messy as it sounds. Wainwright's divorce from singer Kate McGarrigle laid the groundwork for a rocky relationship with his children, whom he left to be raised by their mother. Son Rufus confronted his dad with "Dinner At Eight," in which he sings "Daddy, don't be surprised if I wanna see the tears in your eyes." Daughter Martha penned "Bloody Mother F--king A--hole" in honor of Loudon's parenting skills.

    But the Wainwrights prove familial bonds are hard to break. Rufus and Martha - along with Wainwright's two other children Lucy Wainwright Roche and Alexandra Kelly Wainwright - appear on the Older Than My Old Man album album, making "All in a Family" even more poignant with lyrics like "Forgive and forget, and finally see the forest from the family tree."

    "People in your family and people you are close to have the ability to hurt you," Loudon told the Seattle Times. "But forgiveness is an important thing to work on. Because I think you can't forgive yourself unless you forgive these other people."
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