Kill My Mind


  • "Kill My Mind" finds Louis Tomlinson smitten by a girl. Though the singer has been hurt by a previous relationship, his feelings are intense. Any doubts of making a risky choice are overruled by his carnal desire for his love interest.

    You kill my mind
    Raise my body back to life
    And I don't know what I'd do without you now

    According to Tomlinson, the lyrics harken back to his teenage years: "'Kill My Mind' is a song about having fun and doing silly things when you're younger," he said. "It's about going through an experimental phase in your youth, and doing things that might not be good for you, but they are exciting!"
  • The song has a rock-pop sound that was inspired by Tomlinson's love for '90s guitar-driven music. The production, by Rag'n'Bone Man collaborator Jamie Hartman, helped the former One Direction-er be true to his personal tastes.

    "For a while I was recording music that I thought would get me on the radio," Tomlinson said. "I felt like I had to make a certain sound of music, but then I had a moment where I sat and thought, I just need to make music that is true to myself."

    He added: "I met Jamie Hartman and I finally felt like I saw eye to eye with a producer."
  • Louis Tomlinson revealed he was inspired by Liam Gallagher to bare his soul on this track. He said:

    "I don't like being clever for the sake of being clever. Sometimes it's cool to read between the lines. My lyrical style, naturally, is to just be matter of fact, honest and sometimes blunt. I kind of shied away from writing that song because I didn't really think I was ready to go through that process yet.

    I got into a session and we ended up getting into it, and it was going perfectly. I really did want to write this song, I was just intimidated because it had to be perfect."


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