Album: Spring Break...Here to Party (2013)
Charted: 74
  • This heartbreaking song finds Luke Bryan touching on the lonely side of life. It was one of two original songs that Bryan wrote for his Spring Break...Here to Party album, the remaining twelve were from his previous Spring Break EPs. Bryan told reporters that the entire idea of a vacation-themed EP began because he had a collection of tunes that weren't right for any of his other projects. "The whole birth of spring break and the Spring Break album started because I had all these songs that I knew would never be able to make it on a mainstream album," he explained. "We played a show the day before Kenny Chesney was doing a show in Spinnaker's. He'd go down there and do that, too. We had so much fun down there, we were like, 'Hey, let's just keep doing it every year.' Then we started coming up with the Spring Break album, so we said, 'Let's start putting some music out and promote spring break around that, and put the album around the shows. Here we are, five years later, and we've somehow stayed afloat with it all. I'll do it as long as I look like I need to be doing it. I don't want to be some old weirdo down there at spring break. My wife and a lot of our friends come down from Nashville, and we have a good time. We kind of get to be back in college for a few days too, which is pretty fun."

    Bryan added that he never imagined the vacation concept would continue so successfully for so long. "Spring Break originally started from songs that were in my catalog, so we already had them written," he explained. "The first couple of Spring Break albums, we were pulling from songs that I wrote throughout the year. The last two, we didn't have a song going into January, we knew we were recording a spring break album the first of February, and I was panicking. So for one month, I focused on writing Spring Break songs, because all we had to do was write five or six of them and go record them. It became something that was fun to come back at the top of the year and try to write Spring Break albums. My co-writers would come to me with spring break titles, because they knew that I would be looking for [them]."
  • The song's music video shows an awkward meeting between two past flames. One has moved on while the other is still hung up on the past. "There's a scene where I'm doing an acoustic performance of it with two of my band members," Bryan explained to reporters. "We're in the bar, but then there's two actors caught up in the 'Buzzkill' drama of that scene, and I'm kind of in the bar performing while it's happening... I think visually it's a great video. It showcases the song like we wanted, and we're excited to have it out."
  • Spring Break...Here to Party was Bryan's second #1 Country album, and his first-ever chart-topper on the all-genre Billboard 200. The first week figure of 150,000 copies sold gave Bryan the biggest sales week of his career.
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