Land of a Million Songs

Album: What Makes You Country (2017)


  • Luke Bryan penned this song with regular producers Jeff and Jody Stevens. The gently moving tune finds Bryan recounting the story of Nashville songwriters and artists and reveals the struggles and drive of that profession. Bryan told Billboard.

    "To call Nashville the' land of a million songs,' it's probably the land of ten million songs when you look at the history and the heroes. I think about [Kris] Kristofferson and Willie [Nelson] and all these guys when I hear this song, struggling and paving the way for somebody like me."
  • Bryan told Billboard the song was spawned from a "lightbulb" moment during a break in a writing session with his producers. They wrote half of the song together then a few days later Bryan received a demo. "I heard what they had done from the second verse out, and I started tearing up in my bed," he recalled. "I called Jeff and I said, 'I think this may be the best song we've ever written together.'"


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