Life Jackets

Album: Single Release Only (2014)


  • Christopher explained the story behind this song to AllMusic: "Initially, I had the idea for the metaphor of a life jacket," he said. "You want somebody to give you that confirmation and faith in a relationship. The other person just wants to do the easy and fun things though. They don't want to commit."

    "When I did the beat, I thought, 'Yeah, this feels like that metaphor,' he continued. "I wanted to have that raw piano breakdown and do the rap verses. It's about that moment when you come to the point in a relationship where you take it to the next level or you let it go. Some dude is like, 'I can't commit.' Some girl wants that safety net so she doesn't end up jumping into something that's poisonous or too deep that she can drown in it. She's looking at love and the relationship as a like jacket."


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