1, 2 Many
by Luke Combs (featuring Brooks & Dunn)

Album: What You See Is What You Get (2019)
Charted: 97
  • "1, 2 Many" is a rocking tune where Luke Combs talks about how there's no stopping him once he has a beer in his hand.

    At quarter to 12, man I've done had plenty
    The countdown's on when the first beer hits me
    Five, four, three, two, one
    Too many

    Combs told Apple he was aiming for the fun, fiery free-spiritedness that typified '90s country. "Country music fans like songs they can drink and have a good time to," he said.

    The singer previously touched on his love for booze on his The Prequel track "Beer Never Broke My Heart."
  • Combs first teased the raucous song on Twitter in June 2019 when the singer said he loved its rockin' '90s sensibility. The studio version adds to the track's '90s theme by featuring Brooks & Dunn. The duo provide backing harmonies to the song, with Ronnie Dunn taking lead on the song's final verse. Combs explained that the iconic country artists had a huge effect on his own development as a performer.

    "Brooks & Dunn's music absolutely had a tremendous impact on me. To me, they invented that foot-stomping, driving sound," he said.
  • Combs previously teamed with Brooks & Dunn on a remake of their 1991 tune "Brand New Man." That effort was recorded for their 2019 Reboot project. The album features the duo performing some of their biggest hits with a selection of contemporary country stars.
  • Combs came up with the chorus in late 2015, but struggled to find the right fit for the remainder of the song. Eventually, the singer asked some writing friends, Dan Isbell and Drew Parker, to help him complete it. The pair started working on the tune while Combs was on stage, and were three quarters of the way done by the time he got back. The three then polished the track off that night.
  • Combs premiered this party anthem live on May 15, 2019 at his Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre stop during his Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour. He introduced the tune as his "'90s country drinking song - drinkin' too much song." Three quarters of the way through, Combs took a break from singing the track to shotgun a beer, then finished the final chorus.


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