She Got the Best of Me

Album: Can I Get an Outlaw (2014)
Charted: 31
  • Luke Combs sings on this country-rock heartbreaker sings of a breakup when he was 17.

    She got the best of me
    She broke my heart
    Now all that's left of me
    Is beating in this guitar

    As the song progresses, Combs recounts how music helped him to get over his broken heart.

    I picked myself up off the floor
    And found something new worth living for
    And a, old dusty hand-me-down six string
    And a couple chords
  • Combs originally wrote the song back in 2014 when he was still living in Boone, North Carolina. A friend couldn't make a writing appointment with Rob Snyder and Channing Wilson and as Combs was in Nashville at the time his buddy passed on the young singer-songwriter's phone number. The three penned "She Got the Best of Me" that day.
  • Combs cut the track and originally included it on his Can I Get an Outlaw EP. Four years later, it was included as a bonus track on the This One's for You Too album. Released as a single, it became Combs' fourth Hot 100 hit.
  • Asked by ABC Radio if "She Got the Best of Me" is autobiographical, Combs replied:

    "I don't know if every song is historically accurate. You obviously write songs with other folks - at least I do - so there's bits and pieces of kind of all of our experiences in there."


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