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Album: Another One (2015)
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  • This is the title track of Matt DeMarco's mini LP Another One. He explained to NPR: "This one is a little more of a narrative, so the singer is saying, 'There's this girl out there, and she is in some kind of relationship thing,' and then perhaps the singer's perspective is being the other man in sort of an entanglement."
  • The Another One songs were written within a week. They were then recorded during the following ten days by DeMarco in his home in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York. Each of the tracks on the collection take on a different aspect of being in love. "In a way, it is autobiographical but at the same time I think the last album, Salad Days, that album was really like, kind of personal. I felt, not weird, but I did that and this time around I was like, I can write personal songs for me but they don't necessarily have to have like a cement story behind them," he told Clash magazine. "Especially with love songs, too, it's like... these things can mean a specific thing to me but to everybody else."

    "I think people should be able to come along and have it mean something to them," DeMarco added. "It's talking about all different kinds of facets of being in love, being out of love, wanting love, not wanting love. So I think that it's not so important what they mean to me, as opposed to being there for other people to have and to enjoy, hopefully and maybe to reflect on, or whatever."


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