Julia Anne

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  • Mac Powell wrote this sweet valentine with his grandmother in mind. Speaking to us in 2012, Powell said this was one of "several songs from the album that are kind of pseudo autobiographical," adding that "Julia Anne" "is definitely one of those." He continued: "I tried to write it in a clever way. When you're hearing the song, it's about a man lamenting someone who's left him. But then at the end of the song you realize it's not that the woman left, it's that she passed away. I guess I don't like telling stories sometimes because I don't want to ruin someone's perception of the song, but I actually wrote that song about my grandmother. And so I took this love that I have for my grandmother and kind of made that into a love song story between two people and shaped it in a different way." (Here's the full Mac Powell interview.)
  • Powell's grandmother's name was Anne Julia, so he switched it around to Julia Anne.
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