June Bug

Album: Mac Powell (2012)


  • Mac Powell recorded his self-titled debut album with producer Jason Hoard, a multi-instrumentalist who had been touring with Third Day. They first met during the recording of the Dove Award-winning worship albums Glory Revealed. "Jason grew up with some of the same influences that I did," he told Billboard magazine, "and he brings a little more of the bluegrass flavor in with banjo and being a great mandolin player."
  • Mac Powell told us in a 2012 interview that he had a lot of fun recording such tracks as this tune and the album was very easy to make. He added: "It seemed like it just kind of flowed from us. In the studio, not counting actually singing the record, but just as far as laying down the initial tracks and being there for that, it took about three or four days. We did a lot in a short amount of time and one of those was just because we were busy enough as it is with our day jobs. But yeah, it just seemed effortless. Just seemed like everything flowed in the right away. So it was almost over with before it started, because it was so short. All the overdubs and all that stuff took more than three or four days, but just the initial tracks, that's all it took. It was surreal how it went by so quickly."


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