Trap Paris

  • This song finds Machine Gun Kelly, Ty Dolla $ign and Quavo remembering a wild night in Europe. MGK revealed to Genius that though the song is based on real events, they were actually things that happened to him in Berlin as "Germany had so many syllables" whereas "Paris was just so quick."
  • Woke up in Paris
    Broke all the mirrors (what that mean?)
    Must mean, last night was too turnt

    "I actually woke up in Berlin and all the mirrors in my hotel room were broke," MGK told Genius. "There was wild s--t on the mirrors. The different pieces of glass that were broken. And I just couldn't figure out what happened, and I was like, 'S--t must've been crazy last night!'"
  • MGK had never worked with Ty Dolla before. However, they started talking during a party at Puffy Daddy's house and Kelly promised the L.A. rapper/singer a hit. The next day he was due to have a session with beatmaker Sonny Digital. MGK recalled:

    "I was like, 'Dude give me your number. I guarantee I'm going to have something for us to do.' So, I went with Sonny the next day and ended up doing this, wrote 'Trap Paris' on the spot, recorded it, sent it to Ty that same day. He was like, 'Yo, I'm vibing with it.' I was like, 'Let me know when you're going to the studio and I'll pull up on you.'

    He went to the studio. I pulled up on him, we started smoking this exact same weed, actually and he started singing the chorus or whatever."


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