Album: Madame X (2019)
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  • Madame X is heavily inspired by the local music Madonna heard in Lisbon, where she moved in 2017 to be a soccer mom to her son, David Banda. One of the first musicians Madonna met in Portuguese capital was Dino D'Santiago, whose Cape Verdean parents were part of a local church music choir. He turned her onto a genre of Cabo Verde music called funaná. An accordion-based dance music, the funaná is characterized by having a variable tempo and a 2-beat rhythm.
  • The song is a bonus track on the Deluxe CD edition of Madame X. Much of the album is inspired by different types of traditional Portuguese music. Madonna explained to Mojo:

    "It was as if everywhere I went in Lisbon, every club I went to, every house party went to, I was constantly being exposed to music I'd never heard before. And I was obviously inspired. It was a little bit like when I saw, you know, voguers or voguing for the first time and was like, 'Whoa, this is insane. I have to share this with the world.'"


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