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  • Madonna performed this at the 2001 Grammys to open the show. She came out in a limo that was "driven" by underage rapper Lil' Bow Wow.
  • The video is a parody of rap videos. It shows Madonna cruising around in the back of a limo going to clubs and enjoying the spoils of success. The limo driver was played by Sacha Baron Cohen in character as Ali G, a British comedian who acts like a gangsta rapper and interviews various politicians and dignitaries with ridiculous questions.

    He had a popular TV show in England at the time, but wasn't known in the US until 2003, when HBO gave him a show in the States. He once asked a drug enforcement officer why they don't give the drugs they seize to charity, and asked a prominent lawyer when it's OK to kill someone.
  • Madonna was very pregnant with her son Rocco while filming the video for this song, so she tried to keep it hidden by swaddling herself in large fur coats. The animated section of the video was put in as it was too difficult to film in live action. >>
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    Adam - Dewsbury, England
  • On her 2001 Drowned World Tour, a video screen showed shots of Madonna's previous personas as she performed this. She played almost entirely new songs on the tour; this was the only time she showed clips of her past.
  • Near the peak of Napster's popularity as a free music repository, an unfinished version of this song was leaked on the Internet a few months before its release date. The subsequent publicity turned many artists against Napster, as it was becoming more and more common for unreleased tracks to appear on the service. Instead of forming partnerships with Napster, many of these artists decided to join lawsuits against them, and Napster was shut down as a free service in July 2001.
  • Madonna performed this on her 2006 Confessions Tour as a mash-up with The Tramps' "Disco Inferno ," wearing a white suit similar to the one worn by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever which was also the main inspiration for the roller skate choreography. >>
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    Marek - Odense, Denmark
  • At the beginning of February 2012, this was the most played Madonna song on American radio in the Nielsen BDS era. The song had clocked up 308,000 plays from the advent of BDS data in 1991.
  • The Music album marks an explosive period in Madonna's life. The singer explained to Billboard magazine: "Everything in life moves in cycles... there's a period where you're quiet, and there's a period where you explode. In the time leading up to Ray of Light, I was in a quiet space - making lots of discoveries and going through lots of changes. It was an introspective, questioning time. Then, almost without warning, I felt like I needed to explode. I didn't feel the need to be so introspective. I felt like dancing. And that's reflected in these songs."
  • Madonna turned to a new producer (and co-writer) for this album. French musician Mirwais Ahmadzai was the former guitarist for Taxi Girl, an influential French pop band with ties to punk, disco and techno, and the perfect candidate to bring a unique energy to the album. But the partnership was almost over before it began as each only spoke a little of each other's language. With the help of a translator, things began running more smoothly, and ended with Madonna calling his work "the future of sound."
  • When the earlier mix of this song hit the Internet before the official release date, some fans accused Madonna of leaking it herself. She replied: "Oh, please! If I was going to leak my record, I would've put a better mix of it out there. I practically had a nervous breakdown when the track got out there. I wasn't even finished with the record when it happened ... I don't want my whole album to be leaked. I don't care if you're my 83-year-old grandmother, you're not getting my record before I'm ready for you to have it."
  • Beginning the week of September 16, 2000, this song began its four-week streak at #1.

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  • Rabbit Bunny from Westminster MdWhat more can I say? Music is a wonderful and brilliant song by Madonna! It's part of who she is and what she does in her line of work, her art and her life!
  • Lied from New York, NyAs one who loves gangsta rap and hip-hop, this is a BOMB A$$ video!
  • Reese from Calgary, CanadaIn an interview with MuchMusic in 2000, Madonna said, "I'm always seeing gangster rappers, cruising around in limos, drinking champagne, and going to strip clubs. I never see women doing that, being me, I thought 'huh, that's interesting I think I'll do it" The video was being heavily scrutinized as being "degrading to women" and just a "perpetuation of Madonna's sleazy nature" Ed The Sock made a comment, "Madonna used to tease us with her bisexuality. Before it was alluring, now it's just gross!" I love Ed The Sock, but I disagree with what he said. The video is actually a satire on mainstream rap, and the lifestyle attached to it. In 1998, at the release of her "Ray of Light" album Madonna also said, "If you're going to be a revolutionist and a pioneer, then obviously you're going to go through periods where you're not very popular!" This describes Madonna's career to a T! She's never afraid to evolve. "I've never stayed in one place and I never will stay in one place, because music is about change and evolution." you go girl!
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaShe performed this at Live 8
  • Theresa from Jenkintown, PaMadonna was inspired to write this song while at a Sting concert
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