True Blue

Album: True Blue (1986)
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  • "True Blue" was a favorite expression of Madonna's then-husband, Sean Penn. At the time she was very much in love with her husband and the whole album, which she co-wrote, was inspired by her feelings for him. She wrote this song with Stephen Bray, who would become her collaborator throughout the '80s.
  • This retro dance-pop song was inspired by the '60s girl groups of Motown, like The Supremes and Martha & the Vandellas, and uses a chord progression commonly heard in doo-wop numbers.
  • Two music videos were released for this song. Fitting with the retro theme, Madonna's version has the newly platinum-blonde singer cruising in a 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible with her friends (her real-life friends, fashion designer Erika Belle and actress Debi Mazar, are featured). James Foley, who also worked on "Live To Tell" and "Papa Don't Preach," returned as director.

    The second video was chosen among many amateur entries for MTV's "Make My Video" contest. The winning video, directed by Angel Garcia, follows a young girl's first meeting with her perfect guy.

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  • Left High Kick from Middle Class Usa Heard this song today on the radio. Made me think about the last 10 years of my life.

    Things used to be True Blue...

    As I gallivant around town with different women and expensive escorts, I can't help but think of my ex-girlfriend I spent six or seven years with. Beautiful lady. We had our problems. And we don't talk anymore. I changed my phone number. She said some bad things to me that didn't sit well with me - for example: "if you were a real man you would've let me go two years ago." So I said f--k this. There are a lot of other problems before that too.

    If that is how she really feels that I'm stepping aside and I hope you find your happiness. Sorry I wasted your time, sorry I was honest.

    She wanted to be married, I didn't want that. I didn't want children and I made that very clear.

    But we used to do everything together.
    Golds gym, kickboxing, travel, romantic life, I couldn't wait to be with her and she couldn't wait to be with me. But we were strained.
    The result was inevitable but it sure took a lot longer than most people thought. And the relationship slowly eroded. It was True Blue in the beginning at least I thought, but it turns out she has Borderline Personality Disorder Or a lot of BPD traits because that's what she exhibited to me.

    The anger, the fear of abandonment, constant reassurance, constant crying spells, hot and cold, stuff that didn't make sense to me.
    One minute we were talking normal about something and five minutes later I would look over and she would be quiet with tears coming down her face. It was like walking on egg shells for me.

    But of course on the flipside when the high was very high it was like a drug. It was stuff I'll never forget. She would write on my mirror with lipstick:"when will I see you again? When I see you again my heart will be full." ( that me feel special )

    She would tell me "I cannot live without you" when we would have sex.

    She wrote me the most thoughtful and lovely cards. I have them all.

    But then she started taking things out on me like : " I know you're gonna leave me I know you're going to find another woman, you don't care about the cards, they're collectors items for you - and so on.

    I couldn't do it anymore, and after last, she made a simply change my phone number. F--k this.

    Now, we are in the middle of a virus, there are riots, I can do whatever I want, and I think of her.

    I think of the good times, the times I thought it was true blue. The times I get up at 4 AM or 3 AM just to drive 45 minutes north to her house so we can work out together. The old days.

    When it was TRUE BLUE

    That's life I guess. I can't fix her. I can't help her. They're on their own journey. The issues were there before me.

    Thanks for reading my story.
  • Mack from Austin, TxWho was the third girl in the video? All the write ups only identify Deb Mazar and Erika Belle. the y never mention the third girl by name even in IMDB. Why? Who was she? she kind of resemble Lark Voorhies.
  • Mike from Santa Barbara, CaThis song got a boost from MTV when the station invited viewers to film a video of this song, with the winning video receiving air time when the song was played. As a result, the video that Madonna actually filmed and performed in was not widely aired.
  • Sum Sum from New Delhiis the only video which was shown in my kindergarten school during the fete...very clean video..
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