Celebrate The Reckless

Album: In The Wind (2015)
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  • Our parents keep us safe by teaching us to play by the rules and conform, but that can stifle personal expression. In this song, Magic Giant go dancing with the misfits to celebrate those who find their own path.

    "That song talks about the square peg, round hole, and about how everybody has quirks and things about their personality that are totally different from everyone else," lead singer Austin Bisnow told Songfacts. "But when people try to fit in, they try to hide that stuff. But the people that stand out are the people that amplify that. They're just a little crazy in a certain way. That's the person that really makes a difference. That song's all about embracing yourself."
  • Magic Giant has just three members, but they throw many different instruments into the mix. This one features banjo, guitar, trumpet and saxophone.
  • This was one of the first songs Magic Giant wrote and performed. They honed it at gigs for years before recording it for their 2017 debut album, In The Wind.
  • In 2015, the trio posted a video of them performing the song on a chairlift. They shot it on an iPhone when they were playing the Wanderlust Festival in West Virginia.
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