Album: Maia Sharp (2002)


  • Maia Sharp was born to write music. That is apparent when you consider she wrote - and recorded - her first song at just 5 years old. According to her dad, the songwriter Randy Sharp, the story goes something like this: "We had recorded it in the studio at that time, and I had forgotten about it. Then a friend found it - he had saved it on a cassette and found it when he was cleaning out some stuff. So he gave me the tape and I spent a day or two just kind of cleaning it up and making it presentable. Maia added it to one of her CDs and it became a favorite of a lot of her fans."
    The version on the album is the original cut, and before she started singing the song, her mom Sharon can be heard asking her how old she was. (Read more in our interview with Randy Sharp.)


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