Plot Twist
by Marc E. Bassy (featuring Kyle)

Album: Gossip Columns (2017)


  • The lead single from I'm Here. I'm Good. I'm In Exile, "Plot Twist" finds Marc E Bassey singing about how a brief kiss can turn into a full blown romance.

    Plot twist, I never thought it would end up like this
    I always thought it would only be one kiss
    One became a hundred
    Oh, all of a sudden, I'm saying, "I love you"

    "Once you have love, once you have something that works you have to fight for that," Bassey told Genius. "Especially for me because, 'I'm a singer and I'm gonna go travel. I'm gonna be on tour. It won't work.' But you can't do that. Once you're in something good you gotta fight for it and keep it going."
  • The song features a guest verse by "ISpy" rapper Kyle. Bassey said:

    "Kyle has really good energy. We have a lot of similar friends in LA. We've been around each other for a long time. I've been a fan of his for a few years now. I used to love this song 'Raining Love' that he had back in the day. I used to be obsessed with that song. I like having a feature on singles because it's just more fun and it gets fans excited, so it was just kind of the perfect fit."


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