Good Times

Album: Leaving Wonderland... In a Fit of Rage (2009)
  • In our interview with Marcy Playground's lead singer John Wozniak, he told us: "'Good Times' is a song about self-soothing, when you're feeling depressed and can't get out of bed. I wrote that song as a self-soothing song to myself. Everything's gonna be okay… it's a really simple message. And at the end of the day, when I'm old and gray, am I really gonna worry about all the little crappy days that I had along the way, or am I just gonna sit back and remember all the good people and the good times? That's a very positive message for me, because sometimes I do feel depressed and bummed out. But it's fleeting, it's passing, so you just gotta stay positive."
    John added: "I got horribly horribly depressed and started self-medicating myself. And I wasn't gonna last very long, that's for sure. So my friend Jeff, who produced the record, he kind of saved me in the sense that he's like, 'Look, man, you really need to write some music, and let's just get some of these things out. Sing some songs instead of wallowing in the pain and self pity.' So that's what I did, and I started writing about the stuff. And started doing a little work on myself. I discovered a lot in the process. Besides music, a lot about myself. So I put it into some of these songs. And 'Good Times' was the one that really, really pulled me out of the funk."


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