• Carey explained to Billboard magazine that O.O.C. is short for "Out Of Control": "Jay-Z said something to me that was really interesting, and I don't even know if he really remembers this. He's known me for a long time, and he's like, 'You need to use some of your phrases in your music.' I have my own little slang that I make up and say stupid stuff just for laughs. (On) the song 'O.O.C.' - that's a (American hip-hop producer) Swizz Beatz track - it means, 'Out of control.' So me and my friends will say that to each other, 'OK, you're a little O.O.C. right now, tone it on down.' (Female rapper) Da Brat, who's a really good, close friend of mine since we worked on 'Always Be My Baby' - we wrote the lyrics together, and it was so fun. By saying (sings), 'I get so O.O.C./So out of control, baby' we could explain it. When somebody was helping me type up the lyrics, and they wrote 'Out of Control' in parenthesis (by the song title), I was like, 'Get rid of that. It's 'O.O.C.'! Let them figure it out! It's not that tough! I say it in the next line!'"
  • Carey: "'O.O.C.' is a song that, well, we went in with Swizz Beatz and I actually wrote that song with my friend Da Brat. And it's so amazing to write with someone who is also a rapper because she comes with a different set of, with a different perspective. And then we can put our minds together and come up with something really unique and cool and I think we both kinda understand each other in terms of where we come from as writers and so 'O.O.C.' seems to be like a favorite of a lot of people and that surprised me, because that night when we left the studio, I was like 'I don't know, how Swizz feels about it, I don't know, whatever' but I really like it."


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