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  • 1989-
    Marilyn MansonVocals1989-
    Daisy BerkowitzGuitar1989-1995
    Gidget GeinBass1989-1994
    Madonna Wayne GacyKeyboards1989-2007
    Sara Lee LucasDrums1992-1995
    Twiggy RamirezBass1994-2002 2008-2017
    Zim ZumGuitar1995-1998
    Ginger FishDrums1995-2011
    John 5Guitar1998-2004
    Juan AldereteBass2017-
    Gil SharoneDrums2013-2019
    Brandon Pertzborn Drums2019-
    Paul WileyGuitar2014-
  • Manson's birth name is Brian Warner, and he was born in Canton, Ohio. His mother calls him Brian, but his dad and most friends call him Manson.
  • He worked as a music journalist in Tampa Bay, Florida until he formed a band with guitarist Scott Mitchell (a.k.a. Daisy Berkowitz) in 1989.
  • He's done a great deal of self harm and has the scars to prove it. His arms are hacked up from when he took a pocketknife to them while still in school, and he has a long scar on his torso from when he severed himself with a beer bottle on stage in the mid-'90s.
  • Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails, offered Manson a record contract with Nothing Records and an opening spot on an NIN tour. This catapulted Manson into the limelight.
  • Since he started, his shock tactics have garnered notoriety. He was given the title of "Reverend" by the Church of Satan and once ripped up a copy of the Book of Mormon onstage at a show in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • His name is a combination of the names of actress Marilyn Monroe and murderer Charles Manson.
  • Many right-wingers and religious groups protest Manson on a regular basis. When the massacre at Columbine High School occurred in April 1999, he came under fire from a lot of people and was forced to cancel his Rock Is Dead tour.

    Organizations that have organized Marilyn Manson protests include the American Family Association and Empower America. Countless towns across the US have tried to ban their concerts - only sometimes successfully.
  • Manson was charged with negligence in the death of Jennifer Syme, who died in a car crash after attending a party Manson threw. Syme used to date actor Keanu Reeves.
  • Like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson is the name of both the group and the frontman. They were originally called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.
  • Manson had a conflicted relationship with his mother, Barbara Warner, who died in 2015. She gave him a lot of attention, but may have had Munchausen by Proxy syndrome, which compels the parent to believe their child is ill (Eminem has said that his mother had this condition). Manson was often hospitalized for ailments he didn't really have, and told he was allergic to things like eggs and fabric softener.
  • Among his proclivities, at home Manson insists on black sheets, dim lighting, and a temperature of 65 degrees.
  • His parents sent Manson to a Christian school when he was five. They tried to show the kids the types of music that they weren't supposed to listen to, but Manson fell in love with it.
  • Manson hates sports, but lost his virginity on a baseball diamond.
  • Manson feels closely connected to actress Twiggy, whose childhood was a little more dysfunctional. He says his father went crazy and left when he was 6. His mother was a dancer for the rock group Mountain.
  • Most rockers downplay their tawdry and illegal exploits, but Manson likes to play them up, sometimes embellishing for effect. For instance, years after he and his bodyguards assaulted a Spin magazine editor, Manson claimed he put a gun in the guy's mouth, a detail that was never mentioned in the ensuing court case.
  • Fish got the gig with the band because he knew how to work with drum machines, in addition to playing a set.
  • Before the band was formed, Manson and Twiggy had a side project called Satan On Fire. According to Manson, it was "A fake Christian death metal band we started to play at Christian nightclubs. Twiggy sang and I played lead bass. The premise was that we were a death metal band that was singing for Jesus. We wanted to infiltrate Christian nightclubs and cause havoc. We also formed another side project together called Mrs. Scabtree, where I played drums and Twiggy was the lead vocalist, dressed up like a black woman." When asked, "Did you ever actually infiltrate these Christian nightclubs?" Manson answered, "Well, we never really got that far. But we did get a song onto the radio. It was called 'Mosh for Jesus'." >>
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  • His autobiography is called The Long Hard Road out of Hell. In the first few pages of the book, that in his grandfather's basement, Manson and his cousin came in contact with various sex toys, adult magazines, women's clothing, and items of fetish. >>
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  • Originally, their bass player was Brian Tutunick, but he was replaced by Gidget Gein when they were still in the Spooky Kids era. >>
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  • Twiggy left the band due to personal problems in 2002. He then joined A Perfect Circle with Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan. >>
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  • Most members of the band get their first name from a model actress and last from a famous killer. The first member that broke away from the Model/Serial Killer band name pattern was guitarist Daisy Berkowitz's replacement, Zim Zum, who in turn was replaced in 1998 by John 5. >>
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  • Manson's dating history includes Charmed and Scream star Rose McGowan, the porn stars Jenna Jameson and Stoya, and actress Evan Rachel Wood. He was married to the model Dita Von Teese from 2005-2007.
  • After two students shot up their school at Columbine, some people blamed Manson for the massacre. When interviewed some time later, he was asked if he could say anything to the boys that did the shooting, what would he say. He said he wouldn't say anything, he'd listen. This appears in the movie Bowling For Columbine. >>
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  • While in New Orleans with the rest of his band making the album Antichrist Superstar, Manson and Twiggy roamed worn out cemeteries to look for old bones. Manson said he and Twiggy used bones to smoke, and to put in his hair. During that time, he and the band, and a few friends, streaked through neighborhoods with only wigs and cowboy hats on. >>
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  • At a show in Michigan in July 2001, Manson apparently rubbed his pelvis on a security guard's head, and was charged with criminal sexual assault. The prosecutor in the case gave maybe a little too much detail: "During an act of the performance, Marilyn Manson, who was wearing a G-string, began to rub his genital area and masturbate over his clothing. As he approached the security guard, who was facing towards the audience to keep people off the stage, he then spit on him and then sat down and wrapped his legs around him in a headlock if you will, and then began to gyrate rubbing his genitals against the head and back and neck area of the security guard." >>
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  • Fish dated actress Alyson Hannigan prior to her engagement to actor Alexis Denisof. Hannigan was in the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well as the American Pie movies. >>
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  • Manson had unusually large earlobes when he was a child. When he earned enough money, he had a plastic surgeon trim them.

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  • Daniel from Fairborn, OhFirst of all no human being has the right to judge anyone, when Christ returns and wipes clean the earth, he will send ALL to be judged be it animal or man. It specifically quotes in the bible that jesus will return when the earth is at its foulest, when all mankind has forsaken their true god, when darkness and perversion openly display themselves in the streets, and when no true Christian remains to stem the tide of blood. Porn is openly shown on any on demand feature for any cable network, and almost every legal actor/actress has shed their clothing for the sake of personal gain of money, even the internet widely displays sexual acts and sinful desires. I have seen movies intended for children with sexual innuendo! If you think it isn't that bad, then take your child to a porn performance and have them watch as people commit dreadful acts of adultery, incest, bestiality, etc. Matthew Chapter five verses 43-46"You have heard that it was said,"You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' "But I say to you love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven; for he makes his sun rise on both the good and the evil, sends rain on the just and on the unjust. You will then become perfect like unto Him who made you." That whole section speaks about how if someone kicks you, you smile and turn the other cheek, so to speak. And one more thing, a genius uses his knowledge and power for the greater good/betterment of mankind, not as a way to lash out for a wasted childhood and a deadbeat career
  • Ilovewhatyouhate from Lake Providence, LaI don't need your hate! I decide my fate! -Marilyn Manson
  • Ilovewhatyouhate from Lake Providence, LaThere’s something about him..
    That works its way into you. Not suddenly for that would be too obvious. No, slowly, very slowly. You find yourself humming the tune to one of his songs, quoting something he’s said.

    By then your lost. You can’t get enough by now. You think about him, talk about him, sing his songs, set pictures of him as your wallpaper. It doesn’t happen to everyone though. It takes a unique type of person, a person who hasn’t found full completion to discover the beauty of his art. By now, he’ll be with you for the rest of your life. Sure, you’ve had other

    phases before, but he can’t be a phase. He’s the end result. Like a drug, you can’t get enough of him. Like a drug, you don’t want to stop. Like a drug, his art leaves you with a feeling you can’t find anywhere else. He’s perfection in the purest form. He’s beauty in it’s rawest form. He’s everything the world is so lacking. It doesn’t take long until you’re at the point you

    can’t NOT think about him, can’t NOT talk about him. Where your actions, your thoughts revolve around him and display just how lost you really are. He gives you a world to escape into, a world created by him, his beauty, his intelligence, his…everything. A world where you’re safe to be yourself, where you don’t have to be anything but that. Where there’s no

    expectations of any kind..Just him, his music, his intelligence, his beauty..Always and Forever will I be dedicated to him. He’s Marilyn *beep* Manson, and he is my drug.

  • Anti-star from Redneckapolis, InI have no desire to read through the repetitive senseless bickering within these comments, to see if this has been mentioned yet....

    ~~"actress Marilyn Monroe and murderer Charles Manson."~~ ←as quoted from the top of this page. You're half-right, but that also means that you're half-wrong.

    Considering the FACT that Charles Manson has never officially admitted to, nor has he been proven guilty of any murder, this falsehood of referring to him as 'MURDERER Charles Manson' is a ridiculous claim to be making on a website called 'artistFACTS'.
  • Kate from Washington, United KingdomI started listening to Marilyn Manson when I was in my second year of secondary school. I had already tried to kill myself once and I needed a way to cope. Marilyn Mansons music gave me that. To me his lyrics are amazing, clever and make a lot of sense. To me Marilyn Manson is amazing.
    His music saved my life. To all those who disagree with me and dont like Marilyn Manson I respect your opinon I just dont have to like it. Also I laugh at christianity. I laugh at the preachers in Newcastle especially the one I made run away screaming 'demon' at the top of his lungs.
  • Kaitlyn from Melbourne, Australiai love marilyn manson and i dont believe that what happened at columbine was at all his fault those boys wonted everyone to know they couldnt take the way things were there and i also sleep with my tv on i dont know why tho
  • Ha from Memphis, Tnjohn 5 is currently with rob zomibie and by with i mean they are in love with each other they have now retired to a small house in the country where they raise baby birds then rape them...
  • Arianna from Moncton , NbMarilyn Manson Iz My Idol f--k ALL THE PEOPLE dissing the anti-christ , whoever disses this man is a shallow f--king retard ! if you dont understand him , you warent supposed to ! Thank Satan For Marilyn Manson , for making me realize how this life is and for opening all of our eyes !!
  • Tirah from Corbin, KyOkay, I understand that some music just has that 'eff it' mood where you feel like you don't care. And Manson's music makes me feel like that sometimes (I like it though). But he didn't cause those kids to kill others at Columbine. Those kids obviously had some mental issues and couldn't control their emotions. His music could've contributed to the eff it mood, but if they didn't have mental issues, that mood wouldn't have caused anything else....And even when people say, "Well, if they wouldn't have listened to Manson's music, they wouldn't have took it any further than just that mood", still, something else would've just influenced them. When someone has a mental issue that bad, they're gonna do stuff no matter what. No matter if they're listening to Mr. Manson or not.
  • Rebeka from Puxico, MoI really hate things like these...Why do people constantly talk about people they DON'T know and probably will NEVER know? All the people on here against Manson are probably closed-minded, inbreeds who can't think outside of the box. I LOVE Marilyn Manson personal and yes I am a christain, huge tattoo on my leg proves it. But all you other christains on here the bible tells you to be careful of the stones you throw. I think you should spend more time reading the bible instead of gossiping on someone because they aren't "normal." The man is a genius, plain and simple! He's unique and amazing! I think you all wish you had half the balls he does because I doubt many of you could make it as long as he has and still be going! (My opinion.) And I agree with Ashley in AL, not everything word in a song is 100% true...Do you seriously think that all the rappers in the world sleep with as many woman as they claim in all the places they say they do? They would be dying of AID's if so! And she has another point if someone is seriously stupid enough to kill themselves or others over a song then it's their fault! Maybe the should have been on some medicine! So my love to Manson!
  • Amy from Oak River, Mbokay, i love Marilyn Manson, and these Comments are really rude and bad for Marilyn Manson. if YOU don't like him, then why are YOU on this page saying you don't like him and what not. most ppl wouldn't say stuff about a Icon like that.. yes, he looks crazy, but listen to his lyrics. i was really suicidal and i started listening to his music and i actually listened to them. they make a great point. I'm sorry if no one likes this comment but it's so true!! :@ ily Marilyn Manson!!
  • Miku from Salem, MaMe personally, I do not care for his music. But I respect him whole heartedly because he does what most people are afraid to do...Be themselves and speak their minds without fear of rejection. He's just a person being himself. Although many people may frown upon him believing that he is one of the many reasons why the youth of todays society is so "disturbed", I'm sure he is a great guy. I may not like his mucic but, he knows how to have a good f--king time!
  • Carlie from Pittsburgh, Virgin Islands (u.s.)I absolutely hate when evrybody I know says stupid things about Marilyn Manson when they know absouletly nothing about him or his music all they can say is he is a freak or he is a crazy psycho path who deserves to to die. People who know nothing about him just need to shut up because they have no idea what they are even talking about. Marilyn Manson is probably one of the most educated rock and roll singers of our time and he is a major inspiration to me espically. He is one of those people who is not afraid to go big and just be creative and out there. To me personally he is definately the god of shock rock and the biggest anti-christ superstar and nobody on this earth could ever take his place or ever will.
  • Giuseppe Passalacqua from Marlboro, NjBrian Warner is not no wannabe, no asshole, no reject, and no disgrace to this world. It is pathetic how people judge another person based on martialistic things. what makes people dislike him is their complete ignorance and arrogance toward him. Infact hes probably smarter than most middle aged people celebrities (not saying it not an accomplishment). Marilyn Manson isnt the dark sided person, its the people who are just too ignorant to aprecaite him as a person. Definitely has one of the best lyrics if ever heard from an artist. Also his character and his confedence is what people wish they had because 90% of people let material/non important attributes make major impacts on their lives. This guy if he doesnt do anything stupid will live till 100
  • Crazygrungehead from New York City , NyMarilyn Manson is no where near Alice Cooper, hes not a wannabe and he doesn't make music like Alice. Alice makes more of a pop sound with way to much theatrics and hes not once used religion as a bases in his show. Marilyn is original for making the music he does and coming up with a whole diffrent show than Alice Cooper. and besides Alice Cooper was only viewed as demented and dark because of the time era, just like how the Beatles were crucifed for wearing long hair.. Learn your facts. They are nothing alike
  • Elizaabeth from Jackson, Mii personally think marilyn manson is a great artist and has suprisingly tought me alot. i used to think he was just some satanic freak who sang stupid songs thats meant nothing. but after doin some "research" and reading his biography (great read btw "long hard road out of hell") i found that he had a hard messed up life and that he is a very inteligent person. unlike some gothic groups that just wear the makeup and call themselfs good. i love his lyrocism and he has tought me to really just be myself and as long as i take the consiquences for my actions there is no reason i cant do what i want. i wouldnt necisaraly call him my idol persay but i think there is alot i do idolize about him, and there is alot people need to learn about and from him.
  • Stajia from Hamburg, GermanyMarilyn Manson is my role model/idol. he has taught me to be myself and to not care what other people think. Some people may say he is weird or a freak, but I think that he is amazing! So what if he is a little different. I think that people should just except the fact that he is himself. He has great lyrics and they all make sence to me. Marilyn Manson FOREVER
  • Joseph from Dallas, Txi personaly LOVE his music. i do so because it is just like me: rejected and not every-one will give it a chance.
  • Carla from Columbus, OhMy Daughter loves Marilyn Manson, My future son-in-law loves Marilyn Manson, I love Marilyn Manson. Our Whole House loves Marilyn Manson. We love him with all of our hearts and he will Always be Welcome at our dinner table. Forever.
  • Rickey from Lansing, Mii think that All Manson wants to do is show the world what he thinks. His music appeals to groups considered bad like goths, so he is rejected. However its that same reason that his lyrics work if you listen to them. He represents the individual, someone who won't bend to what there expected. everone should think like that, even if hey don't agree with manson. also, i love his music. his music relieves my anger and depression rather then increases it.
  • Kim from Red Lion, PaLet us not forget. Marilyn is someone's son. Someone's grandson, someone's friend, someone's whatever, most important God created him and gave him a soul. Let's pray that he find his maker in his soul and one day bless God instead of cursing him.
    ks red lion pa
  • Anna from New York, NyHe's not a wannabe at all. He's extremely original. Though him and Ozzy have some things in common, it's still not that much. I'm a Christian, and I love Marilyn. Though, some of his music is a bit too satanic for me.
  • Robert from Atlanta, GaI agree with you K from Toronto, Manson is an Ozzy Osbourne wannabe, I don't like him, at all.
  • Samantha from Rapid City, SdWhy are people going on here just to rant about his lifestyle? If you don't agree with his religious choices or any of his life choices, why are you here?
    Nobody cares what you have to say. You must realize that he only does what he does to piss you God-fearing people off.
    anyway, I think he's simply amazing.
  • Corrina from Denver, CoTwiggy rejoined the band this January guys! I saw him! It was awesome!
  • Caroline from Fayetteville, NcI trully wish everyone would just leave Brian alone!! I have heard him talk on various subjects and he is very articulate. If you do not understand him or what the lyrics of his music mean then please leave him ALONE. Everyone has seperate ideas, passions, and appearaces...they make you you. Brian I love you and please keep rocking.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txokay there are affirmative's and negative's to manson. I Think he is an amazing person and very strange and out there because he knows it will get on peoples nerves. It is exactly what he wants. I do not believe he has "kiddie" porn on his website that might be misleadin, but when brian is at home relaxing I bet he puts his hair down and watches football. he is an odd person but his songs are only recognized by the truly elite and the truly obsessive rock fans! you have to listen to the lyrics and piece togeather what it means because thats what it means to be an artist. the masterpiece may be good or bad . it depends on how you look at it and what your view of the final specimin is. all he is trying to say with his "satanic" lyrics is that of what everyone recognizes but is afraid to say. he is not a satinist. his immortal words are " why should i believe in a god who dosent exist?" and it is a metaphore of people worshiping secular things like magazines and reality tv.
  • Joe from Tampa Bay, FlI will not and will never listen to a person who obeys satan all those who like him you can talk to him in he11
  • K from Toronto, CanadaThere is just nothing even remotely likable about this guy. His, ahem, "music", his image, his supposed shock tactics. Man, what an Ozzy Osborne wannabe.
  • William from Louisville, KyIt's not the crazy stuff and make up people need to pay attention to; it's the music.
  • Ron from Coral Springs, FlMichele Greenberg tried to contact Marilyn Manson aka Brian Warner but her letter was intercepted by his father in 1997 or 1998, the picture she had sent brian as well was taken by hugh also. Hugh had called Michele and asked her to meet him at the Coral Springs mall, when hugh got out of his car he opened his shirt and bared the picture of Michele stuck to his chest. Michele told Hugh that picture and letter were meant for Brian, never the less hugh wanted something else which he would not get, ever!. Hugh invited Michele to the hot tub where Hugh and Barb lived and Michele told hugh "I don't think Barb would approve and how about Brian?" Hugh had a problem hitting on the girls Brian was involved with...I think Brian and Michele have some things to discuss.
  • Michele from Palm Beach, FlBrian, Also known as Marilyn Manson, was very different prior to his becoming Manson. He dated Michele Greenberg, prior to becoming who he is today. Michele has many of his unpublished poems that he had given her, and all of them are similiar to his music today. It would be nice to see Michele and Brian see each other again, just to see the reaction and the chemistry. Michele and Brian were so much alike. Brian and Michele met at the reunion room in Fort Lauderdale, they were instant soulmates, I do not believe he has found one since Michele. There is speculation of some very private matters between Michele and Brian as well. This is just one of her poems she has.

    Her lips are perfect
    and a shade lighter
    than blood
    and they look
    and feel as if
    they were made
    for me to kiss
    and I wish
    just for a moment
    I could staple
    to hers
    and make
    this last,
    though sore,

    Her face
    is as predictable
    as crickets
    and it wakes me
    at night
    And I see it
    Spread in the corners
    like cobwebs.
  • Michele from Palm Beach, FlBrian actually was in Coral Springs, Florida in 1989 and he also was dating a girl by the name of Michele GReenberg, she is the girl who is portrayed as Rachelle in his book "the long hard road out of hell". "she left scars deeper than any he has since inflicted on himself." Michele and Manson met at Reunion Room in 1988 and had been dating until late 1989. Manson stated in his book that "I wanted to become famous so she would regret dumping me". Michele went on to become a Firefighter/Paramedic and Brian went on to become Marilyn Manson.
  • Thechosenone613 from Yaelasia, United StatesMy parents may rail against him, but Marilyn Manson is a true genius.
  • Carole from Louisville, KyHey I'm not kidding . Is it true his dad goes to his concerts wearing his t shirts? I'd love to have a picture of that! I'd just put it in my scrapbook.

    Carole, Taylor Ky
  • Axel from Boston, NyMM rules i think all his songs rock! i cant ever chose one favorite now but my first song 2 hear was mobscene and it was my favorite for a wile! some people say that im 2 young 2 listen 2 marilyn manson just cuz im 10 but screw that!him and his band rule!=)..........i also hate all the people who say all thos rumors just 2 make u scared of manson they all suck...cuz think about it if someone hates manson wood they study up on him no! so how the hell wood they know anything about him!so if u want info on manson ask some1 who likes imm and kows alot about him! im in the middle of reedin his book (Long Hard Road Out of Hell) its great every1 shood read it!
  • Jake from Rolla, MoMarilyn Manson is a great singer who is not afraid to tell people whats on his mind. I take my hat off to him
  • Gerrit from BelfastNot every band member is named after a killer. The original line-up was, but this changed over the years. ZimZum was the first to not name himself after a killer, in later stages John5 and Tim Skold joined the band and they were also not named after a killer.
  • John from Perth, United Statesits fair enough that marilyn manson dosent believe in God fine with me. does he have to rave on about stopping christianity. he is saying that he wants people to think for themselvs. Well they can. they dont need marilyn manson in their faces saying he hates christian people. if he wants to actually make a diference in this world mabey he could have a heart for the poor young children in Africa. any normal person in this world does not do the devils deeds. noraml people know its wrong. marilyn manson is a sick messed up man and i feel sorry for him because he needs help desperatly.
  • Deryk from Victoria, CanadaFirst off, I don't understand why people call him a genius. I mean, I've read his lyrics, and they aren't that great. And his music is far from great. But I do agree with him on a lot of things. Me and him seem to have a lot in common. Ecept that I don't blow myself or wear enough makeup to drown a walrus. But I do agree with him on some things. Like, he 's been acused of being responsible for the Columbine murders. How the sh*t can music influence that kind of crap! Obviously, the kid needed help. Whether he listened to Marylin Manson or Blondie, it wouldn't matter. He still would'vegone on the spree. And what is creepy. Can you actually DESCRIBE creepy. What makes them that? Just because he wears makeup. Do YOU know him. No, so don't judge him or say he sucks (even though I'm not a fan of his music, I'm not one to judge). I say this to every: NEVER JUDGE A PERSON BY THEIR APPEARENCE, OR BY WHAT THEY DO. Just because he's a big scary looking. Have you heard him on talk shows? He's really sophisticated. He just tries to be original. I rest my case.
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaOne of the main things I love about Manson is that he provides me, and angry teen, with a way to vent my anger. Songs like 'Lunchbox'and 'Disposable Teens' let me know that theres at least one other person out there who knows how I feel. As for the right-wing nutcases who think that Marilyn Manson is to blame for events such as Columbine, you gotta remember, music doesn't kill people, people kill people. Personally, Marilyn Manson vents my anger, rather than manifesting it in me.
  • Erin from Philadelphia, PaMarilyn Manson is such a genius. He has such a realistic way of looking at life, and I love how he scares some right-winged Christians enough to make them try to ban his shows. He is one of the best artists and he is definitly not a goth.
  • Navia from Cypress, CaMarilyn Manson has been wed to Dita Von Teese. My opinion is that they make a lovely couple.Yes, like all the other people have said, listen to his lyrics before judging him, just by the way he looks. As well with any other "creepy" band. I wore a deadstar assembly shirt today,and everybody was creeped out by the band members that they think of as creepy. What i do is just walk away. It helps if you just don't listen to the haters and only become friends with the people who accept you for what religion you are, what you look like, how you think, and what music you listen to. We are all people, if we dress different than everybody else, who cares.That gives nobody the right to labelus or shove us into a category of a human. I have had a very messed up life, ive gone through suicide attempts. Trust me, don't try to kill yourself.No matter how lonely you feel, or how much you are hated by everyone, there are always many people who would cry their eyes out if you died. If you get so stressed out, and depressed, call a help hotline, or take your ipod/cd player, and blast out the song with the lyrics you can mostly relate to at that time. Trust me, it helps :] bye, keep listening to manson <3
  • Sunil from Gurgaoan, IndiaI dont like the idea of antichrist. fine from me that he dont belive in god but y to disrespect christ.
  • Jesse from K@!#$&, Moi think its funny manson is famous because of who he is i does stuff to scare people and it works almost every big band has done that look at the rolling stones the kids that listend to that most likely had parents that thought it was horrible elvis was famous because at his time everything he did on stage was horrible and everything he song he did was tabooed the telivision wouldn't show him from the waist up because the way he danced its still working look at slipknot they do the same thing its just harder so they do more extream stuff such as deficate on stage and throw severed gote heads at the audiance manson sings about killing yourself he is a preist at the satanic church in california and everytime he does something he gets free advertizment for the news
  • Stephanie from Conneaut, Ohmarilyn manson is so cool he's always doing his own thing. His music is always hard core. There are like a million more thangs i like about him.
  • Shay from Davis, CaMarilyn Manson is brilliant. All of his songs have meaning, and his voice is perfect for the beats he uses, and it all works together perfectly... I'm totally in love with his music, I own a lot of his CDs and I haven't heard one I don't like. It'd be impossible for me to choose just one favorite song of his, they all rock.
  • Barundi from Glasgow, KyMarilyn Manson is not an Alice Cooper wanna be. If you think about it, Manson was much more successful than Alice Cooper. Manson was one of the most CONTROVERSIAL entainers of all time. Manson is also much more known for his work. Cooper might have been a little freaky at sometimes with his skeletons, guts, and etc, but nothing like Manson. Manson has had a Large burning cross on stage before. He has gotten a reputation of someone who knows how to take things to the. And lastly, has Cooper ever been as fanatic as Manson. I mean look at Cooper compared to Manson. BIG difference.
  • Barundi from Glasgow, KyMarilyn Manson knows how to express himself by his music, the way he dresses, and by his actions. Manson said himself "whats the point of being an individual if you fade in with everyone else, I myself like to stick out". And personally, I think Manson is one hell of a musician and performer.
  • Barundi from Glasgow, KyManson did not have a bad childhood. He went to a Christian school until he was a softmore. His parents tought him right from wrong on what music to liten to and etc. But Manson fell in love with it. Being the "Antichrist Superstar" he is today, his mother and father still support him.
  • Barundi from Glasgow, KyMarilyn Manson DID NOT have a sex-change. In the "Mechanical Animals" album, he had a suit that hollywood make up artists made for the album cover. Now,if Marilyn Manson had breast implants or not im not sure. But all I know is that he did not have a sex-change.
  • Barundi from Glasgow, KyMarilyn manson did not have 2 of his lower ribs removed so he could suck his own penis. He had them removed because someone beat the hell out of him. The fractured ribs were damaged so bad that they were almost piercing his skin. So he had them removed because of medical reasons only. If you would like to learn more about this topic, read marilyn manson's book "the long hard road out of hell."
  • Barundi from Glasgow, KyManson is the godfather of goth. he is one of the most controversial entertainers ever. He is my favorite artist and is one of the best. So for everyone out there who thinks he is an anti-hero and hates his music, dont judge to quickly.
  • Jeff from Atwater, CaTwiggy is in NIN and APC...
  • Ellie from Winchester, EnglandMarilyn Manson is a genius who stopped me being deppressed a while back and when all those haters realy listen to his lyrics then they'll all reaslise how great he is. I also love the band Marilyn Manson but i most respect the guy as he is a genius (litraly he actualy is) and the way he see's the world lets me see it more clearly too.
  • David from Brisbane, AustraliaNow i dont have any idols or heroes, as i beleive if you beleive some one is perfect you'll just end up getting disapointed. But Marylin manson would probably be best catagory. The band are good musicians and lyrical goodnes. plus the style of dress is fantastic!

    reject false icons
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaI find Manson to be one hell of an artist
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoHis interview on Bowling For Columbine was incredible. This man is a genius....
  • Colleen from Afton, OkI used to think Marilyn Manson was really strange and goth.But since Saturday night he totally rocks.I have a friend to is totally into Manson.He has all his albums,all his posters,he has dvds,he has action figures(never been open),and he even wants one of marilyn's outfits.He has pracitcally everything i swear.And just for all of u to know Marilyn isn't goth he is one kick ass guy.
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaMusic doesn't kill people, people kill people.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsOh god... I only just dicovered: the other bandmembers use names of serial killers too! That is so cute...
  • Veronica from Albuquerque, Nmmarilyn manson is the best!screw all the haters!
    manson is the hottset guy ever!
  • Daniel Roberto DÃ?az from Panama City, OtherHe is just a normal guy...with make up
  • Stephanie from Pacoima, CaI think Marilyn Manson is a total genious he totally knows how to express himself through his music and wordrobe. He is someone you could look up to for being himself.
  • Jacob from Stocholm, SwedenLet`s talk about Marilyn Manson`s Music, first his lyrics is the fire in his songs and instrumental it`s also awsome. The world need Peole like MM, people who stand up for what they belive in. So why all these fuss about Marilyn being a satanist, he`s not that. MM songs have saved me in many situation, Thanks MM
  • Phillip from Las Cruces, NmWell said Ashley (Grady, AL). I'm not sure, but I believe towards the end of his autobiography, he said that he doesn't believe in organized religions' (Satanism included), hyprocrisy. He has met Anton LaVey (founder of the church of Satan), and Anton has made Marilyn a priest (or something like that) of the church of Satan. That doesn't mean he needs to believe it though.
  • Ashley from Grady, AlPeople are so ingnorant! manson is not satanist...he has never said he is a spokesperson for the church of satan..he is not gay...he doesnt promote people to kill their parents there self or god..he basically says that if you are stupid enough to kill yourself over a song then thats one less stupid person in the world... he doesnt hate christains...he just doesnt like origanized religion...he did not have his ribs removed nor did he really get breast inhancements he doesnt kill animals or people or have sex at his concerts it all entertainment ...stupid christians just say that he does becuase they fear him..christians fear what they dont under stand and they dont understand him because they dont take the time to as manson says "the more that you fear us the bigger we get"... his book would help them understand him and his music if only they would read it.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsDon't you think Marilyn Manson is a bit... overdone? When you are so eager to shock, you don't?
  • Ishan from Lake Mary, FlMarilyn Manson is AWESOME. After hearing a couple of his songs, I read his autobiography, which made me apreciate his music even more.
  • Crissy from Manchester, KyI LOVE HIM..... I think that is the best thing that has happend to this world. He's always real no matter what people think. I wish more people were like him!
  • Amy from U.k., EuropeFact page? yeah.... ok. here's some stuff you seriously should have added... What about him getting blamed for all the pointless trouble for columbine? Or that girl's (Jodie Jones, Scotland) pyscho boyfriend that cut her into little bits because of manson's music (what his defence lawyers are using to get him a shorter sentence)? What about the 15-yr-old boy who commited suicide and was found listenin to mansons music in his walkman? What about the fact mansons an artist?
  • Sam from Earth UnfortunatelyWhere the hell is John 5 on that list? Not all the members are serial killers paired with sexy women. John 5 is saying that in the future everone will have a number.

    A lot of those facts up there too talk about Marilyn Manson as if its a solo artist. Although the lead singer, whom I loooove, has the same name as the band, he is not the only person in it. So when it says suttum like "...HE came under fire from a lot of people and was forced to cancel HIS Rock Is Dead tour." It wasn't just his tour, it was everyone in the band's tour.
  • Sam from Earth UnfortunatelyThe sex symbol and killer's name thing also has to do with the fact that these people are the icons of our century. Like what Brian Warner (only using his real name as not to confuse with the actual manson) said about Monroe and Charlie Manson. They were the icons of the 60s. No matter which way you look at it, most people know more about Charlie Manson than they do Kennedy.
    Its almost like an F the media statement by saying that they glam up killers the same way they do sex symbols.
  • Katie from Ft. Defiance, AzI love Marilyn Manson. The first song I listened to all the way through by him was "Lunchbox," which at first I dismissed because (a) I thought he was just an Alice Cooper wannabe, and (b) I didn't really dig the style. Then, I stumbled across an article by chance which featured him talking about the meaning of the song (fighting off kids on the playground with a metal Kiss Lunchbox as a weapon.) I was fascinated, and bought his record, and every single song had something to say. Even the remakes are original, because a lot of them have his own lyrics built upon the song (Sweet Dreams, for example.) Now I'm a die-hard Manson fan, I think he has incredibly intelligent media savvy, amazingly articulate and his songs just blow my mind. Enough said!
  • Farrah from Bucyrus, OhI've only heard a couple of Manson's songs, but they're all good.
  • Alix from Red Hook, NyMM's music is preety good,hes a little weird doe,but I still like him, he is a genius.
  • Alyshia from Wagga, AustraliaI love Marilyn and Twiggy they are both amazing artists and performers
  • Tom from England, United StatesThe man is a genius pure genius when he was young his mother never expected him to be a rock star
  • Lisa from Ocala, Fleveryone thinks its annoying that he re does old songs- but thats awesome- sweet dreams is one of his best songs
  • Ian from New York, NyHow does Manson, some one you don't know want you to kill yourself? He has never honestly told anyone to do so in his music.
  • Taylor from Arlington, WaHe actually helped me overdose. Not that I still don't love the man or anything...
  • Zvonimir from Lexington, Kymanson wants to make me kill my self, dont really care for him or his band his lyrics make me depressed
  • Legacy User from Legacy LocationThe group help me with a deep depresion, the man is great...
  • Kieran from Harlow, United StatesThe reason the band have a female sex symbol's first name and a murderer's last name is an ironic statement towards good and evil.
  • Kieran from Harlow, United StatesA definate Alice Cooper wannabe, an Alice Cooper for the 21st Century
  • Kaern from Decauntessville, Other...the dixie cup bit and the ham bit are fake, if nobody has noticed yet.

    Also, 5 may be a refference to the murderer Five, who used to poison people at night in England, usually around parks. Also, Manson didn't lose his virginity on a baseball diamond. Read the book, he lost it at a slutty chicks house. He ALMOST lost it at a baseball diamond, but didn't.
  • Mike from Spokane, WaJohn5 is only named that because he is the 5th person in the band
  • Lily from New York City, Pamarilyn has always been really weird to me until recently. When i actually started paying attention to his lyrics. i found that i thought a lot of the same way. his music helps me fall asleep or just helps me feel better. so i guess he needs the TV and i need him. GOD {for him} REALLY IS IN THE TV.
  • Rick from Melbourne, Australiawhat about john 5?? that was a robot...
  • Eva from Montreal, CanadaI have to sleep with a TV or a radio on as well, but not because someone tried to smother me (yet)
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