Mechanical Animals

Album: Mechanical Animals (1998)


  • This was partially inspired by a boy who killed himself. His dad found him dead with Manson's Antichrist Superstar on repeat in his CD player. The dad then blamed Manson for his son's suicide. >>
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  • Jamie from Granite Falls, NcThis song is about how fake and feelingless humans have become. They are merely mechanical animals. That Manson, such a deep and misunderstood guy.
  • Briany from Pinson, AlThere is a symbol on this album with his face in the omega sign-with 15 dots on it. 15 dot are reffrenced because his B-day is January fith- or 1/5. 15. also explains the song 15 on The high end of low.
    this album i feel was highly influenced by david bowies glamerous alter ego ziggy stardust. The red hair shaved eyebrows one peice shiny gold colorful outfits are all very similar- and both are about a shallow rockstar and a post apoctaliptic fututre involving space. Omega was ziggy- and the mechanical animals were the spiders from mars. plus not to mention that David bowies eye (which is real) and MM's contact r kind of similar.... MM just brought it to a whole new level. :)
  • Maria Isabel from New London, CtI know Mechanical Animals is the one that most of the fans don't like because he went pretty glam for it. But I don't know, I must be weird because I think the song on this album are absolutely beautiful.
  • Dave from Hartford, CtA.) 6 Major studio albums (Portrait, Children, Superstar, Animals, Holy Wood, Grotesque) B.) This song made me melt the first time I ever heard it, I fell in love with the band C.) The "trilogy" is my favorite set of albums ever, with Holy Wood as possibly my favorite album ever.
  • Shay from Davis, CaGreat song. Great album. He's brilliant, no question, and i love how he doesn't ever have stupid meaningless meant-to-be-cool lyrics.
  • Sam from Norwich, Englandbest MM album ever!
  • Shay from Davis, CaMarilyn Manson is brilliant, I love every song of his I've heard. It's cool how every CD has its own theme & style, and how the lyrics all have a deep meaning.
  • Daivd from Aberdeen, NcI'm one of the few Manson fans that loves all of his albums, including "Mechanical Animals" and "The Golden Age Of Grotesque". But "Antichrist Superstar" is by far the best, in my opinion.
  • Chris from Toronto, CanadaBest marilyn manson cd would have to be Holy Wood, like man this guy is so smart and when people make fun of him i just wanna knock em out, but if they were to see theyd understand
  • Mansonfreak from Hell, OhAll MM CDs are connected in one way or another which is why I think he is so artistic.
  • Jake from Houston, TxYou know how the album had a bunch of 15s in it? (Like in the songs and vidoes, especially in I Don't Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me. "ready for our 15 minutes of shame", and also how in the video he gets on a reality show... Channel 15.) Apparently the boy had track 15 on repeat. 15 also means rest, so it could mean that Manson means the boy is at pace now as well.
  • Rozz from London, EnglandAt the end when the line "Plsying Suicide King" is repeated, this might be a reference to the King of Hearts, who is killing himself in the picture and is therefore sometimes known as the "Suicide King"
  • Barry from Smyrna, TnActually I believe, the kid killed himself while having "The Reflective God" on by Marilyn Manson; I researched it and found about it while on a Anti-Channel One website(School's free news show for teens)
  • Ken from San Diego, CaMechanical Animals is the first album of him I bought too. I think it rocks but I can see how the earlier ones are better.
  • Brittany from Toronto, CanadaI dont have a fav Manson CD. My opinion, i think every cd is amazing!!. Every song has meaning. Like i said, my opinion.
  • Vito from Brentwood, NyOff the bat, all 5 major releases have their own distinct sound, and meaning. However, antichrist, mechanical, and holywood are entwined in a storyline. That is why all 3 albums has a drastically different sound. If you go to the song meaning to beautiful people, another poster explains anti christ. The album focus's on the character adam (whose name is in the book to holywood), and the roots of adam. Mechanical is focused more on holywood, the literal Beautiful People the original song was about. Holywood is the climax and conclusion of the story with the death of Adam (the gunshots at the end of the cd) and the fall.
  • Ben from Beaverton, OrBilly Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins helped to produce the album.
  • Jim from Hartford, CtThe first MM cd i bought was Mechanical Animals, and i started listening to my friends Anti-Christ Superstar and i saw the difference and now Anti-Crhist is the best CD in my opinion.
  • Lauren from Fenton, MiA lot of Marilyn Manson fans didn't like the album "Mechanical Animals". I liked Anti-Christ Superstar and the earlier stuff better like a lot of his fans, but I liked "Mechanical Animals" too. It's just different from Manson's earlier cds.
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