Album: Antichrist Superstar (1996)
Charted: 28


  • Like many of Manson's songs, this is based on a dream. It is about creating a woman from prosthetic limbs, and then adding on his own hair and teeth that he saved from his childhood.
  • Manson doesn't see this as objectifying women. He sees it as a manifestation of his desire for companionship and love.
  • At the beginning of the song, Marilyn Manson says, "This is the point of my vulnerability" backwards." >>
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    Shay - Davis, CA

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  • Javi from San Antonio, TxHe wrote this poem in response to the abortion mentioned in his book. The first stanza describes the fetus. He's telling his girl to take her hatred out on him. The prosthetic synthesis with butterfly describes the tool.
  • Grayson from New Westminster, Bci read it out of the autobiography, he says ""
  • David from Boston, MaI'm pretty sure the song is about the anguish that drives him to drug use and the consequences.
    In the first stanza, bone, teeth, hair and spine are mentioned, not flesh or blood; it represents death. Second ztanza talks about the little packets the drug comes in and that, eventually, it caused hell in his life.
    The refrain talks of the reason he satyed on drugs - nobody ever believed in him. He almost welcomes the pain and suffering that comes from the drug use - which is the only thing he belives keeps him alive every day. The song finally ends with a statement of self-loathing.
  • Sydney from Massillon, United StatesOne of my favorite songs. i like the beginning of the song the guitar
  • Cortney from Grand Junction, Coi completely agree with boris because ever since i got the cd thats what i have thought.
  • Ronnie from Wh, FlNo you are all wrong,its talking about christanity just like all mansons songs on that album.Look at the lyrics and read them think alot about the lyrics its like reading poetry.I will start the first line for you.

    "She's made of hair and bone and little teeth"
    Only part human

  • Morbid_vampire from La, CaI realized that this was one of the only songs where the tuning on the guitar was standard. Daisy and Twiggy do the best bends I've ever heard.
  • Terry from Houston, TxTo Shay..Davis Ca. I am very interested in your comment. Could you expound. It would seem that if Manson Really did say that,(and Backward at that), then he ha intruiged me yet again. Ironically it would be almost ten years after the release of an album that I thought I knew so well.
  • Amber from Louisburg, NcI think this song has alot to do with the longing for a love that society won't allow. They won't accept the fact that "a manson" is in love, and the fact that he therefore creates his own love in his dreams is touching is a urning way. i love this song just for that.
  • Boris from Edmonton, CanadaI believe more than anything this song speaks of love and sacfrafice. I think the song depicts two people, not any two definable individuals but rather the idea of two people in love. whether that be mother and father, child and parent or siblings. Just the simple idea of love between two people. The song symbolises the pain of loving someone. We sacrafice so much of ourselves for the people we love. We give them our time, our thoughts and our soul. But like countless relationships we can describe, we always end up being hurt by these people we love so much, the people we give up so much for. I think this is what he means by tourniquet. We all act as tourniquets for somebody. We all give meaning to other peoples lives, a fullfillment, a reason to live. But in doing so we allow ourselves to become a victim to these people. " Make your victim my head " Make your problems mine, cry on my shoulder and shed your tears so that I may wipe them away. I will be their for you, I will be your tourniquet in whatever fashion you need it. In the song he describes a person. A delicate unfinished person, who in all their flaws and simplicity, bring so much complication and pain to our lives. We love them and care for them in every way possible and yet despite our sacrafices and struggles they still do not understand what we have given up for them, they do not " belive in [us] " And even before our eyes, despite all we have done for them, we can see their pain, and sorrow. We can see them " spoil" But that is the way of life. No matter what we do and how much we try we cannot decide for the people we love. They will always live their own lives as they see fit. We can guide them but " flies will lay their eggs. "
  • Will from The Port, Walesthis is a song about creating a companion from your own matter and other prothesis (hair, bone, baby teeth, butterflies and 'things i cannot speak', and the breakdown and disintegration of that relationship through rotting and maggot infestation - with clear parallels to the breakdown of any 'normal' relationship - s--t gets stale.

    notable references are 'flies will lay their eggs' - flies pupae are maggots, the maggots get into the dead flesh used to create this 'doll' and she 'dies', '...butterfly, sealed up with virgin stitch' - using a butterfly as prosthesis for a vagina, and 'i am your touniquet' - i am slowing your death, i am allowing you to live. backwards bit: this is my lowest point of vunerability' pretty bad grammar, recorded when manson was off it on coke in the studio and couldnt get any vocals right. class song!
  • David from Lakeview, NcI love the bass intro. Just wish it had more of a build up...
  • Marissa from Palmdale, CaI was listening to this song when I learned that one of my best friends had been killed in a car accident, I cant listen to it with out remembering that horrible day. This is also my very favorite Marilyn Manson song, even though it breaks my heart listening to it and going back in my mind to those events that unfolded as I listened to it. When I think back, its a blur, but what sticks out is Ginger playing drums and Twiggy on bass.
  • Angela from Corpus Christi , Txthis song is beautiful its like hes creating a woman to be with because he wants to love somebody i love the music its like the guitars and bass are moaning
  • Kieran from Essex, Englandthe greatest bass intro EVER
  • Ali from Islamabad, Pakistani love this song. its so intense, so miserable. the guitar sounds like its moaning and crying. mansons amazing.
  • Aingel from Thunder Bay, CanadaMany things cannot be explained about people. Whose to say that someone does not believe the same for you. For we cannot place judgement on others lest you be judged as well. Nonetheless, I agree with both Lex and both make sense and I agree with you. Mr.Brian Warner does have a brilliant way of composing his songs.
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctmanson is just a sicko, pure and simple
  • Lex from London, EnglandMaybe this song is reffering to Lilith, who rebelled against Adam and God, which would explan the "never wanted it to end like this". Possibly followed with the creation of Eve, who was made out of Adam, as opposed to Lilith being created out of the dirt.
  • Elschaddai from Reutlingen, Germanythe backward sentence can be heared as:
    "This is my lowest point of vulnerability". in his autobiography "long hard road out of hell" it is referenced to as "This is my most vulnerable moment". he also says there, that he had taken very much cocain and was crying in the studio, when the recording was on. he said that sentence while crying, and later found he should use it in a song.
  • Kyle from Flint, MiThere is something Manson recored backwards in the begining of the song. I dont know what it is but if you know please email me.
  • Mindless from Ashville, NcMany of his songs were poetry before the band ever started.
  • Andrew from Hamilton, CanadaI believe this song is directed to the Coma White character in the Antichrist trilogy; after all, she was a 'mechanical animal' and, in a sense, did have prosthetic limbs. Adam (the main character) "never wanted it to end like this", as in Coma White being dead, but she treated him so terribly when they were together that, sometimes, he doesn't really care.
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaAccording to his autobiography, manson wrote this poem long before he was in a band...
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