Good On You Son

Album: Down the Road Wherever (2018)


  • Here, Mark Knopfler celebrates an unrefined character from London who makes it in America but misses the English food and beer.

    Back in Blighty there's a flat on a grimy sink estate
    That's why he walked out of that and went to the Golden State
    Left the baccy and the beer where he was born and bred
    Now he's cutting it out here with the quick and the dead

    Uncut asked Knopfler if he's singing about himself. He replied: "We all come from somewhere. The thing with rockers and film kids is that the critics would much rather they remain stuck where they started. There' a snobbery."

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  • Levi from Adelaide, South Australia I’ve always been intrigued by the verse that refers to mangoes and the “tune of a Cockney Rebel”. I’m still not sure what it means, but there may be a connection between this song and the English Glam Rock band, Steve Harley & the Cockney Rebels.
  • Lea from Kansas City, MoI absolutely adore this song. Earned his way into his retirement years, and getting to spending them the way he wants to. Great condo in L.A., gets to play with a band, have fun, record more albums, in a great, sun-filled city, all the while keeping in mind the English life from where he came. I believe his incorporation of "the Quick and the dead" refer to the American wild west, where you're either "quick on the draw" in a shootout, or you're the dead one. It's a way to say that L.A. is a happening place, and he is getting to be a part of it. Not stooped over getting old, doing the old one-two like one might expect of a senior citizen -- no, he's quick on the draw, living his life the way he wants to, to the fullest, jamming out to his heart's content -- and isn't about to slow down!
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