Good Vibrations

Album: Music For The People (1991)
Charted: 14 1
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  • Marky Mark is Mark Wahlberg, who has acted in the movies Boogie Nights, Three Kings, and Planet Of The Apes. Before he was an actor, he released two rap albums. This is his first single and by far his biggest hit. Rumor has it that Wahlberg gets very upset if you even mention to him his days as a rap singer or the nickname "Marky Mark."
  • Wahlberg was an original member of New Kids on the Block. He quit after a few months, but his older brother, Donnie, stayed with the group.
  • Wahlberg's brother Donnie produced the album and helped him write this. Donnie was considered a member of The Funky Bunch.
  • This samples "Love Sensation," a 1980 song by the disco singer Loleatta Holloway, who sings on this with Marky Mark.

    Dan Hartman received royalties from "Good Vibrations" because he wrote "Love Sensation." Hartman had a hit in 1984 with "I Can Dream About You." He died of a brain tumor in 1994. "Love Sensation" was also sampled in 1991 by Black Box for their song "Ride On Time."
  • While the song was very popular for its anti-drug message in a rap lyric, its success is often undermined by the much-maligned line where Wahlberg proudly declares that he's "anti-DRUGGIE." >>
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    S.D. - Denver, CO
  • This was used in the movie The Mighty Ducks and also appeared on the soundtracks to the next two Mighty Ducks movies.
  • This was used in commercials for Calvin Klein underwear in which Wahlberg starred. Part of his stage act was wearing his pants real low and sometimes dropping them and dancing in his Calvins.
  • Actress Traci Bingham is in the video. She went on to join the cast of Baywatch in 1996.
  • This plays in the closing credits of the movie Rock Star, which stars Wahlberg as the lead singer of a tribute band who becomes the lead singer of the band he worships, only to realize that the lifestyle is not for him.
  • In 2013, this was used in the trailer for the movie Don Jon. A year later, it was featured in a commercial for the Chevrolet Cruze where the passenger sings along to the song, to the annoyance of the driver. Also in 2014, the song played in the Southwest spot "Wedding Dancer," an appropriate choice considering how popular it is with wedding DJs.
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  • Jennifer Harris from Grand Blanc, MiI didn't know Dan Hartman died of a brain tumor? I love this song.I also didn't know Marky Mark was part of NKOTB for a few weeks.
  • Rachel Gonzalez from Holtville, CaI really like the song and the video is really kool and plus Mr. Wahlburg gives the song and video a bonus!!
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlGreat motivational song. Good to run and excercise by
  • Joey from Boston, MaThis song has a very strong anti-drug message, so it's kinda funny that Mark rose to fame playing a coke snorting, well endowned porn star named Dirk Diggler.
  • Pam from Port Saint Lucie, Fli stand corrected... I re-read the comment i was referring to so disregard my last post... and now i feel like an idiot...HAVE A NICE DAY!
  • Pam from Port Saint Lucie, FlCorrection in above comment made about was Mark Wahlberg's older brother, Donnie, that was in NKOTB. Not Mark.
  • Kristy from Saco, MeDonnie Whalberg, Mark's brother, was in The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis. At the very beginning of the movie, the old patient of his who shoots himself is Whalberg.
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