Must Get Out

Album: Songs About Jane (2002)
Charted: 39


  • This song is about a guy who loves a girl and is telling her how he's patiently waiting to hear her tell him she loves him too. He is also describing what he's doing in the meantime while he's waiting for her to confess to him. >>
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    Sandra - Miami, FL

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  • Claire from Miller's, MdMe, personally I realy like this song=)
  • Sara from Camborne, EnglandI think maybe the part that goes "Fumblin' through your dresser drawer, forgot what I was looking for, try to guide me in the right direction", I reckon 'dresser drawer' is a metaphor, with 'try to guide me in the right direction' being a way to say he wants to make her feel good enough, by pleasuring her for her to tell him she loves him.
  • Alisa from Franklin, WiMy least favorite song from their album.
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