Teenage Daughters

Album: Eleven (2011)
Charted: 100
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  • This Martina McBride and Warren Brothers (Brett and Brad) penned song was inspired by the Country singer's oldest daughter Delaney and the teenage growing pains she was going through. "It's interesting to me that there haven't been other songs written about it, because almost everybody goes through it," McBride told Yahoo Music's Our Country blog: "I have an awesome relationship with my 16-year-old daughter, but about a year and a half ago, I started noticing a shift. It stopped being all about me and it was more about her friends. Which it should be. It's perfectly normal. But as the person who was the center of the universe to this child, you go, 'Oh. Well, this is a journey.' So the Warren Brothers and I wrote a song about it, and it came really quickly, in about 45 minutes."
  • McBride told Our Country there was a particular instigation for the song on the day of the writing session. "John, my husband, took Delaney to school that morning, and she said, 'Mom hates me.' I'm like, what are you talking about? That's ridiculous. But I must have gotten on her a little bit too much. So we started talking and I said that's what we should write about."
  • The song was the first single released by McBride after exiting RCA Nashville Records, and joining Republic Nashville. She told Our Country a lot of thought went into choosing this as her first release on her new label. "We were leaning toward another song for the first single, and then I recorded this song, and I said I wanted it to be the first," McBride explained. "This is a different sound for me, and also, it's my truth-it's really real.
    When we played five or six songs for the record label, they immediately turned around after 'Teenage Daughters' was over and said 'That's your first single,. And I was so happy. Yes, it's about people who have teenage daughters, but also, if you've been a teenage daughter, if you have a niece or sister or somebody in your life that you're close to that you've gone through the teenage years with, you can identify with it for sure."
  • The song became available on iTunes on March 29, 2011, which was the very same day that Martina's daughter Emma became her second teenage child. "I couldn't believe it when I noticed the single release date was the same day Emma turns 13!" said McBride. "How fitting that I have another teenager in the house on the very day the song is released!"
  • All three of Martina's children appear in the song's music video. The proud mom told The Boot that she was surprised "how natural they were." She continued: "I don't think we could have casted actors who could have done any better. It was a lot to put on them - we didn't have a rehearsal. They kinda just got thrown into it. Delaney especially has a flair for comedic acting. It really surprised me in that I had never seen her do that before. I loved sharing the experience with them. We'll always have that."

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  • Karen from Manchester, NhWhile my daughters are not even near teenagers yet (9 and 7), I love this song...it also terrifies me! LOL
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