Album: The Hunter (2011)


  • The Hunter is Mastodon's second non-concept album, but there is a loose theme of space, which features on several tracks. This song is about having the best sex you've ever had - an organism so pleasurable that it takes you into outer space: "It's about [expletive] in space," said drummer Brann Dailor to Rolling Stone, "Brent (Hinds, vocals/guitar) was like, '[Expletive] all that! Let's just have fun."
  • The band added the fluctuating wails of a theremin to the mix on this track. The electronic instrument was most popular in the '50s and '60s, often used to provide space atmosphere to science fiction movies. (The Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations" uses a different instrument called an electro-theremin.)
  • Brann Dailor told Kerrang!: "This one is space-metal. That's where our heads were on this record. The riff was born when Brent was jamming backstage when we toured with Alice in Chains. I taped him playing on my phone, then played it back to him when we were writing the album."


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