Empires Attraction


  • "Empires Attraction" ends Matt Corby's debut album, Telluric; he refers to it as "the nicest song" he has ever got to sing.

    In our interview with Matt Corby, he revealed the insightful notion behind the lyrics. "It's not super poetic. No one is going to save you. Superman is not a real concept. There's no such thing. The whole idea that we as a people need that kind of savior is f--ked up. If we all can figure out how to work together then we are the embodiment of salvation for our entire planet. We have the capabilities of it. That's the gist of it."

    "Pretty big with the lyrics, I know," he continued. "You can write a song about a girl or you can write a song about walking down the shops, and it's fine. I just try and do something as meaningful as I can without trying to be a pretentious loser because it's genuinely just how I see things."
  • The first verse of the song finds Corby questioning our desire for a fictional savior-like figure:

    No one's gonna save us
    Superman please save us
    Hollywood creators
    They're the ones who take us

    The third verse displays Corby referring to actual human beings as the solution to all of our troubles:

    Prince is gonna save ya
    Wu-Tang might just save ya
    Rock 'n' roll won't stage us
    The banks are gonna frame us
    And we must be courageous
    'Cause we are gonna save us
    Your Mama gonna save us


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