Sooth Lady Wine

  • Matt Corby was inspired by the levels of consciousness theory when writing "Sooth Lady Wine." The lyric, "Get it to the seventh state," refers to the spiritual concept of reaching pure energy and being a balanced, enlightened human being.

    In our interview with Corby, he revealed how the song questions whether it's possible to achieve that state. "It's pretty much impossible to get there in this day in age. There's so much misinformation," he said. "There are so many racial issues and class issues and the world's just f--ked. So the end is like, sooth me lady wine. Just keep me level. Keep me going through this mess in a weird way."
  • Corby played most of the instruments on the groovy track, which he wrote quickly with his friend, Alex. He told us that the song started with him just trying to figure out the drum beat. "I spent about a half an hour trying to get the flow of that so the ride was rushing and the snare was dragging. After I got that, all the parts came in fast," he said.

    He went on to describe the joint effort developing the hook of the tune. "It might have been Alex that came up with that [sings], 'You sold me out to the man,' and I was like, 'Oh, that's pretty cool.' And then I went [sings], 'To the man, to the man with the nuclear plan,' trying to do a little Beatles thing. After that the whole song was like a Bowie song."


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