Day One

Album: Live Forever (2015)


  • This is a track from Live Forever, an album containing 11 tracks inspired by some of the stories shared with Matthew West from people all over the world. The project started two records previously with The Story Of Your Life, where West asked fans for their stories to seek inspiration for his tunes. The singer-songwriter received 40,000 thousand responses, so he decided on to continue bringing more true tales into the light in the form of songs on his next few releases. This track gives a voice to an ex-prisoner called Josh.
  • West told the story behind the song to New Release Tuesday: "After reading those 40,000 stories, the story that inspired me to write this song and think about my own life on a deeper level is a story about a guy named Josh who works for a pizza restaurant in a small town in Minnesota. I called the manager of the pizza restaurant recently and told him that his story inspired this song."

    "Josh wrote that he made bad choices in his life and grew up in a rough area with a rough home life, and he got involved in using drugs and got into trouble. He spent some years in prison because of the mistakes he made. While he was in prison, he found God. He was worried as he was getting released from prison that people would think he found 'jailhouse religion' and that it wasn't real."

    "As he was released from prison, he made a commitment to show everyone that this was a real change in his life, and he wasn't going to go back to who he used to be. When he got out, nobody would take a chance on an ex-convict and give him a job. He was at the end of his rope, and as a last hope and prayer, a Christian couple who owned a pizza shop took a chance on an ex-convict and gave him a part-time job working in the back. Josh wrote that he took the job and ran with it. He worked and worked and worked, and today he is the general manager of that same pizza store. I thought that was such a cool story."
  • The song title was inspired by one of West's favorite Bible passages: Lamentations 3:22-23, which reads, "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His Mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning."

    West explained: "In those words there is a promise for everybody to remember that each morning God resets His mercy for us. It's like hitting refresh on your computer every once in a while. I get that image when I think about that passage. Every single morning with the rising of the sun, His mercy is new. The faithful love of the Lord never ceases."

    "Often, I will think God's mercy is new every once in a while, or every time I'm on a spiritual winning streak, as though it's conditional based on our performance. It says nothing about us as Christians, or church-goers, or Bible readers, in that Scripture. There's nothing for us to do to qualify for that mercy that is new every morning. It just is new every morning. That makes every day 'day one' and a new beginning in our journey of faith."


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