Do Something

Album: Into The Light (2012)
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  • This song was inspired by the story of a girl named Andrea and her willingness to "Do Something." Matthew West explained: "I will never forget meeting Andrea. If I were judging a book by its cover, I'd say she looked like a college girl, maybe in a sorority or something, lots of friends, bound to be successful someday. And in a way, that would be a correct assessment. But that is not the whole story. Andrea, a former University of Colorado student had chosen to spend a semester abroad learning micro-financing in Uganda. While there, she happened upon an orphanage in critical condition. The children were being badly neglected and even abused. Her heart broke for these orphans who had no advocate. That's when this college student decided to do something. She called her parents and said, 'I'm not coming home.' She refused to leave these children until something was done to improve the conditions."

    "By sheer determination and refusal to give up, Andrea and her sister convinced the Ugandan government to close down that orphanage, which left about forty children with no place to go. The government handed the children to her," West continued. "Andrea brought this need back to the States with a new vision and desire to create a safe place for these children to grow and learn. Today, Musana (which means 'sunshine') is a thriving orphanage in Iganga, Uganda, housing over one hundred children! Andrea prefers spending most of her time in Uganda, not the US. She's a long way from a sorority house or a college campus. She's reaching the world, and bringing hope to people, one helpless child at a time. When asked what it was that made her fight for these children she simply said, "I just kept thinking, 'if I don't do something, who will?'"

    "Andrea's story floored me," West concluded. "Today, so many of us Christians talk so much about being the hands and feet of Christ, but never really displaying what that looks like. Andrea has gone to the extremes to show us all what wild abandon to the cause of Christ looks like. It's not about talking. It's about doing!!! It's time for us to do something!"

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  • Lee Shouse from Vinita United Methodist Church - OklahomaMatthew,

    Thank you for using your music to inspire others to do something.

    My church has been involved in the Methodist Youth Force program - a youth (ages 9 to 18) mission's program where we work in communities as teams to fix broken things and to make life better for the people of these communities. As a church, we have been a part of this mission's program for about 13 years, but the last three years we have hosted the mission at home in Vinita - showing the love of Christ to our own community. The need in Vinita is great, and this mission is life, both for the people we work for and the people working.

    Every year we look for a theme to help our Vinita church focus its resources, and this year "Do Something" spoke to my heart. It is exactly what we are trying to do, the song says what we see as the needs here in Vinita, and the youth like it (which helps too).

    Please keep singing, writing and passing on your Christ filled messages of love and hope.

    Bless you and your group - let them know that they are all appreciated.

    Lee Shouse
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