Bad Omen

Album: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (1986)


  • This song is about people worshipping the devil. They have a big ceremony where all sorts of immorality is going on, and they invite Satan and hope that he gives them his blessing. Instead, his demons rape and destroy the people and Satan takes their souls. >>
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    Kyle - Montreal, Canada
  • Dijon Carruthers, who was the band's drummer for a short period, is listed in the album's liner notes as "inspiring" this song and "Good Mourning/Black Friday." According to Dave Mustaine, Carruthers had a friend who was into dark magic, which gave them the ideas for the songs.
  • The word "Omen" is associated with Satanism thanks to the 1976 movie The Omen, where a child appears to be the embodiment of The Devil.

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  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThis song is a great slow/moderate (not fast) song with a amazing drum beat... Superb to listen to or play.
  • Jon from --------, SwedenThis song is awesome. I was listening to this on my mp3 while driving my moped, and when the fast part kicked in I nearly missed the road turning!
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