Good Mourning/Black Friday

Album: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (1986)
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  • This song uses a lot of mendacious imagery and showcases some of Megadeth's darkest lyrics. It is about a man who is possessed by a demon and goes on a gruesome killing spree, which becomes known as "Black Friday."
  • In the closing lyrics, "It's Black Friday, paint the devil on the wall," "Paint the devil on the wall" could be referring to the reason for possession or a means of exempting oneself from Black Friday.
  • Dijon Carruthers is mentioned in the liner notes to the album as inspiring this song and "Bad Omen." Carruthers was the band's drummer for a short time, and according to Dave Mustaine, he had a friend who was into the occult and would write down strange symbols, making the band wonder if he was a Satanist. This friend served as inspiration for this song.

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  • Joe from São Paulo, BrazilMegadeth>Metallica
  • Judas from Usagar samuelson is a hell of a drummer, in my mind i genuinely think of the words "badass" when this song plays on a fast pace
  • Matt from Bakersfield, CaI think that Dave and Kirk are both awesome guitarists. I think that James is a much better singer than Dave. It took me a while to get used to Dave's voice. I love both bands.
  • Greg from Calgary, AbThe constant comparison between Metallica/Megadeth really pisses me off. Both bands are major influences on the thrash metal scene. The only difference is that Metallica has slipped more into a hard rock kind of genre. Both bands have their ups and their downs.

    But there's no competition between the Dave Mustaine/James Hetfield battle. Dave is not only a much better guitarist, but a better vocalist. Back to the point of Dave's guitar skills, he's equal with Kirk Hammett in my eyes.

    A third thing. Megadeth has two lead guitarists, while Metallica has one.

    I've seen Metallica concerts, and I've noticed that they rarely give their bass player, Robert Trujillo, any stardom. The most I've seen him get the spotlight was at a show in Germany. Megadeth, on the other hand, gives every member their chance to shine.

    On a fourth, and final, note, I've had friends that have said "Oh, all Megadeth songs are about death and destruction." That really pisses me off.

    There you have it.
  • Lauren from Tamworth, NhCan we stop the Metallica/Megadeth comparisons? Can't we just be one big metal family?
  • Chris from New Albany, InI must say that this song is not my favorite song from Megadeth, but I have the upmost respect for it. It has a great intro (a bit long, but still great) and great lyrics. Dave and the boys did a great job with putting together this legendary song. The lyrics of the song, however, do suggest a very violet theme, but you'll have to look past that to see the true greatness of this song.
  • Shane from Gold Coast, AustraliaI'm not going to put words in people's mouths, but it seems to me Amber meant to say that The Four Horsemen sounds like The Mechanix, since they are almost the same song, rather then Hanger 18. Hanger 18's intro riff is actually taken from the chords that Dave "generously contributed" to The Call Of Ktulu, I think she probably got those two things mixed up. Easy mistake, anyone could do that on a bad day.

    I'm not sure why you would get angry at something like that, especially seeing as though she likes the same band as you in the first place... shouldn't we all be brothers and sisters? =)
  • Mud from Sf, CaIt's obvious that Jack and Amber don't really listen to megedeth even though they seem to know everything. Ummmm Hangar 18? What does Hangar 18 have to do with the four horsemen or mechanix?
    I have an idea for these people: purchase the CDs kill em all, killing is my business, and rust in peace, then listen to the MUSIC, and figure out the mistakes you just made.
  • Jack from Mildura, Australiai think the person the wrote the first one amber, toledo or wateva his name is... for a fact dave used to play with metallica and he took writing credit to the mechanix... and when he left he took the so called rights to mechanix with him so metallica wrote a slower version with different lyrics which they called four horseman so if u compare hangar 18 to four horseman then megadeth have pretty much done a repeat of their song.. also four horseman was released like 6 or 7 years before hangar 18 so if u really think four horseman sounds the same as hangar 18 then really u should be sayin it the other round.. but they are also good bands and should not be compared to each other because they both are awsome bands that are better that are better then others just coz they dont like each other very much doesnt mean you's all need to take sides..
    Good song but
  • Amber from Toledo, OhI agree with lisa on this one.
    the constant compare and contrast competition between metallica and megadeth tends to get a little repetitive.

    Dave Mustaine is insanely brilliant, not only musically but lyrically.

    if you honestly listened to both bands, and decided to compare them, megadeth shows much more obvious talent then metallica ever has.

    also, metallica shows quite a bit of ignorance in their music by creating songs that sound so similar to previous megadeth songs....
    true, they did both legally have permission to use the writing..
    it just makes metallica look idiotic when you hear a song and go "hey, that sounds like a megadeth song i heard.. wtf?!"

    example: hangar 18[megadeth] sounds freakishly similar to [metallica's] the four horseman.

    not dissing on metallica, but come on guys lets be a little more imaginative.

    either way, megadave shall rule the world one day, imo.

    so, point made.

  • Lisa from Vandergrift, PaWill Megadeth ever stop being compared to Metallica? Don't get me wrong, I like Metallica. They're a great band. But I personally like Megadeth more. I LOVE Megadeth. Dave made his share of mistakes, just like most everybody else in this business. But he got through it. He's a brilliant man. I just wish people would let Megadeth and Metallica be their own seperate success stories. LONG LIVE MUSTAINE!!!
  • John from Cape Coral, Flvery dark and violent
  • Philip from Brampton, Canadathis song is amazing. its my favourite megadeth song. it features alot of influence from metallica's album kill 'em all (which dave wrote) i.e that last riff is actually the same as whiplash from kill 'em all. it also features the very metallica-y style of writing progressing from a clean picked and harmonized intro with a solo to a crazy ending riff. fantastic
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