Five Magics

Album: Rust in Peace (1990)


  • The speaker in the song lives under an evil, oppressive ruler and wants to overthrow him and become king. To do this, he masters five magics but in doing so, he becomes power-hungry and evil, just like the Abyss Lord that he opposes. Furthermore, the Abyss Lord already knows the five magics so he has the advantage and wins the fight. This is the only Megadeth song that's real fantasy-adventure oriented. >>
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    Kyle - Montreal, Canada

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  • Brian Fergel from Kahleefonia That final line tells it all: the speaker has reached the conclusion that every step of the way, or magic — alchemy, electricity, sorcery, wizardry, and thermatology — has been the bulls--t that the riddle has been forcing you to go down. It’s really a dark waste of effort that one could read into it as a waste of life. Looking for something that ain’t there. What do you do once you’ve climbed all the degrees or levels or layers, just to find out that it’s been the problem distracting you from the real issue? — “Sucka!”
  • Funklord from CaliforniaDude it totally says he becomes corrupt “possessed with hellish torment, I master Magic’s five” that’s the protagonist and he who lives by the sword (the pro) will also surely die. He who lives in sin(the abyss lord) will SURELY live... the lie. The abyss lord knows magic already and has that advantage. Not a triumphant song but a very dark and amazing song.noobs
  • Michael from West Chester , Pathey've played this live before and they played poison was the cure live too
  • Cody from Kansas City, MoThis song references to the obscure fantasy film "Goreblade: Warrior King of the Universe", in which the hero who lives by the sword must master the five magics to become Warrior King and marry the princess, although he is warned that the power could corrupt him as it did the previous master.
  • Tav from Jerusalem, IsraelThis song has never been played live, and is one of the two Rust In Peace songs that had never been played live, along with Poison Was The Cure.
  • Virgil from Outskirts, Lebanonin this song , the singer does infact Vanquish the Abyss - lord (lord of deceit / Satan?). Although there is no proof whatsoever. but this is a kick ass song. craziest riffs
  • Brad from Gotham, WaAnother good fantasy song by megadeth, which could even be my favorite is My Kingdom. It is on the "The System Has Failed" CD.
  • Nick from Seattle, WaThis is one of the most TRIUMPHANT Megadeth songs EVER. The theme is awesome, the melody and bass lines rock, the drums are aggressive and Dave's solo at the end is EPIC. This is the greatest driving song! (Try driving on the highway going 90+ MPH with the last 2 minutes of the song playing. It will be the best ticket of your life!)
  • Kanglar from Lansing, MiThis song is about the book Master of the Five Magics by Lydon Hardy. Really great book to read if you can find it.
  • Paul from California, PaI don't agree with kyle. I just reviewed the lyrics and, judging by them I would say the speaker won the fight. The hellish torment described is probably tied to the hunt for the abyss lord. Moreover, it does not give enough detail to say whether or not he becomes power hungry and/or evil.
  • Dallas from Viking, Canadathis song rocks. it sounds like it could be made into a movie
  • Kyle from MontrealMy fav Megadeth song, the bass line is so memorable and the solos are crazy, great medieval, mystical lyrics
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