Album: So Far, So Good... So What? (1988)


  • This song is about former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. Frontman Dave Mustaine fired Poland for stealing band gear to fund his heroin habit. Some of the gear Poland took without permission included expensive high-end guitars and a vintage Echoplex tape delay effect that had sentimental value to Mustaine.

    "Liar" is about Poland's inability to admit his mistakes and make amends, despite Mustaine's willingness to forgive him if he told the truth.

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  • Russell from London Ontario Canadawell it is what Chris Poland and Jimmy DeGrasso did to Dave and Dave, they basically were bigger and worst drug addicts and literally pawned off most of Dave and Dave's gear to buy more drugs and never admitted to their deceptive actions. I would be very pissed as well if my band mates went behind my back and pawned my equipment. True Story!!
  • Mat from Houston, TxWhat did Chris Poland DO to Dave that made him so angry?
  • Derek from Flin Flon, Mbpossibly the best song describing hatred for a liar
  • Whiplash from Glendale, NyWell I honestly have no idea but i think we can all agree. Dave Mustaine is a epic singer and songwriter!
  • Justin from Tempe, AzThis song is nuts, especially the part where Dave spits out a dozen lyrics in the span of just about thirty seconds. I'm curious, though, why Spencer thinks Dave is the liar. He didn't try to sell the band's gear for drugs, did he?
  • Spencer from Mcbride, CanadaDave mustaine is a great guitarist, but in my view he himself is the liar.
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